Understanding how to tare your Alicat flow controller or flow meter

What is tare, why is it important and how
do I use it? The tare function on Alicat flow controllers lets the instrument
take a detected signal as zero in either flow or pressure. A zero setpoint results
in the closing of the valve and a known no flow condition. This feature makes the
device more accurate by periodically removing any cumulative errors
associated with drift. The auto tare function does this automatically when it receives a zero setpoint for more than two seconds. It is recommended that the
controller be left in the default AUTO TARE-ON mode unless your specific
application requires that it be turned off. To change the tare settings go to
menu and then tares. Here you can toggle AUTO TARE on and off, as well as set the tare for pressure and flow based off the current readings of each Alicat’s instruments are ready to keep your processes accurate from the start, no
matter if changes occur. From Alicat, the fastest flow controller company in the world.

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