Unique Perspectives: Taos, Marfa and Lemmon

every once in a while as I travel I’ll
find little towns or communities that are unique they’re special there’s
something different about them and I’d like to tell you about three of them my
journeys for this trip will take me to a trilogy of unique locations Lemmon South
Dakota Taos New Mexico and Marfa Texas let’s travel to Marfa first. In true
Texas fashion I first had to ride out a dust devil, hit a few tumbleweeds until I
finally arrived at the welcome sign by high noon. The windmills and weathered
wood really add to the Western feel but when you pass this you’re forced to do a
double-take and see what it’s all about in 1956 a movie called “Giant” was filmed
in this location starring James Dean and Liz Taylor. It’s
the creation of artist John cerny on display five miles west of Marfa on
highway 90 unique to me it’s certainly a
masterpiece but let’s add a border patrol blimp in the background to make
it a truly unusual experience Marfa Texas is well-known as a haven for
artists and collectors of handmade crafts its a bright quaint little town
of about 2,000 people with plenty to explore but my attraction to the area
was based on rumors I’d heard of a unique phenomena that was known to occur east of the city. That took me out highway 92 a free pullover site called
Martha Lights Viewing Area There are plenty of places for cars trailers and RV’s however it’s not really a tenting area it was however the perfect spot for
me to set up my a-frame although the strong winds made it a
little bit of a challenge as you would expect from anything around the Marfa area the observation shelter is a work of art itself along with restrooms it
has an observation platform that includes seats windbreaks
and viewing binoculars I’m in the Marfa viewing area for the famous Marfa mystery lights don’t know what they are because it’s a mystery but in about an
hour or so the sun’s gonna go down hopefully some of those clouds will
clear up and I’ll get to see something or not who knows so I understand the
lights don’t occur during daytime but at least I can scout around for possible
sight points to the south is a vast desert plateau full of shrubs and grasses it was a former site of the Marfa Army Airfield which is now closed and fenced off except for a bird I didn’t see much but let me find out what exactly I’m supposed to see later on for that I visit the plaque at the entrance
of the viewing shelter and it reads: “The Marfa mystery lights are visible on many clear nights between Marfa and Pizano Pass As one looks towards Chanati mountains the lights may appear invarious colors as they move about split apart melt together disappear and reappear” it goes on with a little history and
possible explanations but it closes with some remarkable statements ” an explanation as to why the lights cannot be located is an unusual phenomenon similar to a miracle” whoa! However it’s that that last line that got me: “the mystery of these lights still remains unsolved” that to me sounds like a challenge shortly before dusk a woolly bear
caterpillar makes a run for it on cue the sky changes dramatically to one of the most eerie sunsets I’ve ever seen with the last flicker of red the Sun
disappears the night train glides down the tracks
as the campers form a line at the pulloff it’s just a matter of watching and
waiting eyes fixed on the Chinati mountain silhouette the first thing to light up were the
heavens above watching the cellphones glow was just as entertaining as the light show I have to admit I was quite distracted
by the bright starlight in the crisp dark skies I almost forgot to look at
the horizon but after fingers started pointing I fixed my gaze on the mountains what you see blinking is a
communications tower to the southwest at first nothing abnormal. a little later
however a couple of faint lights appear to the right next I tried to amplify the light by
using a more sensitive setting on my camera don’t worry about the creature in the
foreground it’s just the guy in the next trailer moving about watch the light on the right after it
disappears the light on the Left splits when the right light reappears the left
light splits the other way. Strange. to give some sense of scale I tried some
shots from inside my trailer if you look out my trailer door just to the left of me you should see the Marfa lights now, it’s open to debate as to what the
lights the source of the lights are some say they’re merely cars going down a
desert road but the big mystery of the Marfa lights is why they keep changing.
there’ll be three or four or a dozen in a row and then all of a sudden just like
that they’ll all disappear and then they’ll come back in twos or threes or different brightnesses or different colors that to me is the real mystery of
the Marfa lights however I wasn’t done yet. I had never seen anyone attempt a time-lapse video here since I had the
equipment why not try so here is mine with the camera speeded
up to compress 20 minutes into 15 seconds the source of the lights is
quite clear it’s the night time traffic on Highway 67 but let me clarify something. That only
explains the lights I saw who am I to judge what others might see on another day another direction in another circumstance it’s all about luck observation imagination and having an open mind so if you like things that
twinkle in the night I strongly recommend a visit to the Marfa lights
viewing area in West Texas my brief sleep was interrupted by a morning freight train it was time to head off on another quest
this one more about the future than the present and instead of tumbleweeds I counted roadkill Taos New Mexico is a high desert town in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains it’s another art-based community
featuring many museums and galleries but nothing seemed out of the ordinary until I headed about 14 miles north on highway 64
but the architecture had changed as well not only was the terrain different, but the architecture changed as well. And it was a very dramatic change The sign says it all. “A Greater World Earthship Community”. it seemed right out
of a science-fiction movie there are around 75 strangely shaped
dwellings scattered across the horizon each one uniquely different from the
others. While not open to the public there was however a visitor center named
the Earthship Biotecture curiosity got the best of me so I went
inside for a tour what struck me first was the organic comfortable feeling of the interior design the main hall has several banners explaining the benefits of solar and wind electricity, thermal heating, building with recycled materials,
water treatment and food production The south-facing walls capture heat from the Sun which is in turn distributed to a thermal mass of the walls and floor. the
greenhouse not only provides a growing area for food but also acts as a buffer
in the colder months of the year yes, a greenhouse effect is actually a good
thing here the north side of the structures are buried in soil to assist in natural cooling through convection each roof has solar panels or wind
turbines generating electricity to be stored for future use. Perhaps the most
unique feature is how they collect and use rainwater. Captured on the roof, it is
then filtered and stored any gray water from sinks and showers is then recycled to feed the plants in the greenhouse the concept is certainly a noble one the
goal to provide true off-grid sustainable dwellings requiring little
more than what nature provides incorporating materials in the building
that society has cast away is something to commend. Surely a step in the right
direction however I suspect it needs a little tweaking especially in less ideal environments so if environmentally friendly living
appeals to you I definitely think it’s worth a visit to the Earthship near Taos
New Mexico but I had one more destination I wanted to make: from Taos to cows! The upper farmland in South Dakota and a little town called Lemmon
population 1227 now you might be familiar with lemon as it is where I did a video on Hugh glass grizzly survivor and adventurer supreme. the gentle
rolling hills provide land for cattle and field crops, plus a healthy population of deer and pronghorns in another time, other horned creatures
roamed this area but not with cowboys on their backs this is the Grand River Museum in Lemmon South Dakota the star attraction of this free museum
is the stunning sculpture by artist John Lopez depicting the Hugh glass encounter with a bear which in my opinion at least was far more creative than the Hollywood movie but there’s far more on display than just a front piece stroll through the halls and you’ll find interesting displays of cowboys ranch life plus a
good assortment of artifacts on Native American history but history is also on display through the extensive collection of fossils found in the area both North and South Dakota are well known for their paleontological discoveries unlike many other museums, this one has actual dinosaur bones and not just replicas made out of plaster perhaps that alone makes the display unique however there is one other reason if you read through many of the wall displays you’ll find one word that’s shown over and over again: Faith. And that’s a word I’ve seen
somewhere else recently Faith, South Dakota is a small town
just south of Lemmon and I’m sure faith was an essential part to the rough life out on a prairie however in this context it had another
meaning which came down to the four F’s: faith facts fossils and flood the faith plaque describes the debate
between two different philosophies on how life evolved one through the words
of the Bible and the other through the theory of evolution the second plaque is called Facts.
it basically acknowledges the difference between actual facts and theories but
this time it breaks it down to two :different ideas the evolutionary theory and the creation theory as for fossils both sides agree they are
fact once living organisms preserved in stone from a past era. but what appears to be debated is whether this process occurred over
millions of years or by a one-time catastrophic event the final F is for Flood which debates
whether the world formed slowly over millions of years or by a series of much
shorter catastrophic events such as the flood interpreted in the Bible. All four plaques end with the question: “What is your faith?” another display that really caught my eye was a scale model of the ark as a cargo ship captain Noah must have considered his choices based on buoyancy
weight and space and I see why throwing in a T-Rex or two may cause concern! and freeing up space is better for the camels and armadillos and hey why not
throw in a couple of Christmas trees! But I had to draw the line on this display.
It was a Mayan calendar stone that included the following statement: “This is
good evidence that the human race has always been intelligent and have not
evolved upward from ape-like to man” are you serious? look at the guy: he’s sticking his tongue out! not exactly the model for intelligence!!!
and the two ladies below are laughing hysterically! I for one have always debated the intelligence of the human race! but on a more serious note I have
no interest in debating those with religious beliefs against those with
scientific ones I actually applaud the museum for showing the world another side of the coin theories will always be theories, and having the freedom to enjoy your beliefs is one of the pleasures of living in this day and age I encourage anyone to visit Lemmon South Dakota take a tour of the Grand River Museum and decide for yourself so there’s my choices for three unique places in the US: one to ponder the past, one to experience the mysteries of the present, and one to plan for the future. I hope you enjoyed this video and you’ll check out my others as well

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