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we’ve been in the millimeter-wave space for over three decades going all the way back to some of the earliest work millimeter-wave really is a range of frequencies that begins about 30 gigahertz and spans all the way up to 300 gigahertz there’s a huge need for higher frequencies because lower frequencies are very crowded we really see this part of the spectrum finding use in new 5g applications a next-generation wireless LAN 802 11 ad and other standards including electronic warfare satellite comms radars automotive radars self-driving cars connected highways there’s going to be a whole community of engineers finding themselves working with higher frequencies sometimes with devices that cannot be connected to test equipment using cables most engineers as they’re moving from low frequency to high frequency understand that there is a lot of complexity the big difference is they’re not sure how to do it p-site can really assist engineers and engineering teams to take the mystique I have to millimeter waves because we’re a measurement company we really need to be 2 or 5 or 10x better than what we’re measuring a huge advantage that we have is the expertise of our people we know the applications we know the pitfalls we have design simulation software which are industry-leading they have the best modeling capability keysight has a captive semiconductor fabrication facility where we can build indium phosphide gallium arsenide and other types of specialty semiconductor circuits today keysight is the industry leader in tools for design simulation test and measurement you

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