Usain Bolt, 100-Meter Dash/尤塞恩·博爾特百米跑

Here’s the men’s 100-meter dash final. Bolt takes the lead. He’s broken the world record!!

81 thoughts on “Usain Bolt, 100-Meter Dash/尤塞恩·博爾特百米跑

  1. Okay, two things. One, this isn't really racist. Two, people saying this is racist does not prove that people are too sensitive about race, or that racism isn't really a big problem, or anything like that.

    Context and nuance, people.

  2. 完全無意義…純粹為了參賽的表演。

  3. This is why racist problems only problematic in north america.

    (most) the rest of the world views this with innocent eyes, and no history of black people slavery. But you try this shit in u.s.a, i promise you PEOPLE WILL FLIP.
    An entire nation will flip the living hell out of their shit.

  4. This was funny and all. But he didn't have to paint his skin brown to get the point across. The name tag and uniform would have been enough to get the point across.

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