Use Patient Weight to Determine Drug Dosage (Advanced), Part 3 – Intermediate Clinical Practice*

Pediatric dosage of a medication is 5
milligrams per kilogram every 4 hours. Calculate the daily dosage in milligrams
for a child weighing 60 pounds. To solve this problem the order needs to be
expressed in daily dosage in milligrams we’ll set that as our goal. To begin the
process we’ll start with the doctor’s order and in this particular problem the
amount of medication is based on the patient’s weight. To start the order then
to determine the correct amount of medication we will start with the
patient’s weight expressed here as a fraction with a denominator of 1 for an
equivalent value. The medication order, however is based on weight in the metric
system and we have weight in the English system this will require us to convert
from pounds to kilograms. There are 2.2 pounds equal to 1 kilogram.
Taking these equivalent values and placing the pound in the denominator and
the kilogram in the numerator will allow us to cancel out the common factor of
pounds and now with a weight of kilogram we can continue with the doctor’s order
of medication being administered at 5 milligram per kilogram every 4 hours.
which is shown here in our fraction. We have a common factor of kilogram we’ll
cancel out. Our units currently are in milligram per hour. The problem is asking
in the amount of dosage per day so our last conversion fraction we’ll need to
replace hours that are currently in the denominator. Every day consists of 24
hours taking these equivalent values and arranging them for our final conversion
fraction we have the follow allowing us to cancel out the common
factor of hours, leaving milligrams per day. Last step then will be to multiply
the fractions and then simplify with division for a final answer of 818.18
hundred’s. Since this is a pediatric dosage the
procedure is to truncate rather than round up and perhaps risk over
medicating the patient. To truncate this to the nearest tenth we will drop the
eight hundredths for the correct medication dose each of 818 and
one tenth milligram per day.

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