UTMB: Nuits Blanches

I don’t really like to go outside at night, I guess. I don’t know. I used to go to bed very early. I do a lot of things at night, with my job, obviously with the music. Most concerts takes place at night. We do everything in the dark. It’s always… it’s always dark
inside. For me, it’s hard to have the darkness at the beginning. I would prefer to go naturally through a day to night. I love sleeping. I’m not like a night owl person. I sometimes like going to bed quite early. I think there are a lot of people who like to run at night because the sensation of speed increases. We think we’re fast. But, you just have to glance at your watch
that actually you aren’t, you’re just going your normal speed. The night removes all time dimensions and space. It’s a cocoon. You are completely focused on your run, which is an amazing feeling For me, on the UTMB, the night is the best moment of the whole race. We’ve been very lucky to have moonless nights, which offers a limitless view of the stars… When it becomes 4 o’clock, 5, 6, when everything gets colder, but it starts to lift. And you can see the sky turning blue, the connection you have with nature, and myself, are probably my favorite moment when I’m trail-running. In the beginning, we have short downs during the first night that could be difficult to
surpass. As soon as the sun rises, you get a bit better, because melatonin stops being secreted. On the second night, if you run a second night, these sensations are really amplified. That’s when you start to see phenomenon
like hallucinations or heavy blackout. I really trip, when I’m sleep deprived, really crazy. I can remember first the UTMB 2017, every rock, every time I looked down, every rock was just a skull, skull face. Every little stone, I can just see skulls. Some of these hallucinations are way more intense than any drug. I think because it’s all built, it’s just your blood, your body, so it feels more connected in a way. I don’t have a particularly need to sleep but I do feel that I’m not
in a great shape right now. Anyhow, I should be able to go through this. It’s my second night everything hurts in my body My head is clear. I thought that I was gonna fall asleep. I’m only thinking of the arrival.

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  1. I accept everything between 42km to maximum 100km… everything beyond that it is just a show off and it will not be beneficial in your life, neither phisically nor spiritually

  2. This is great. I think Strava should do more content like this! No shortage of amazing people on here doing amazing things…

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