Vantage Mixed Mail Stacker Letter Sorting Solution

Today’s mail is more complex. To remain
competitive, you need a solution that can sort a wider spectrum of mail with
productivity and accuracy. You need the Vantage sorter featuring mixed mail stackers from BlueCrest. Now you can sort more types of mail from postcards to letters to business flats up to ten millimeters in thickness on a singleplatform for greater productivity, efficiency and cost savings. The
innovative mail handling design can process a wide variety of materials
including coated paper stocks. The Vantage mixed mail stacker provides
remarkable throughput of up to 50,000 pieces per hour for mail less than six
millimeters in thickness and up to 36 thousand pieces per hour for mail
greater than six millimeters in thickness. The industry-leading
OCR makes it possible to process difficult to read labels for higher read
rates. The Vantage mixed a mail stacker is easy to operate and features new
ergonomic pockets with a built-in channel to minimize operator fatigue and
improve productivity. An optional pullout tray is also available the system allowseasy access for preventive maintenance. Designed for maximum uptime, the built-in diagnostic tools support calibration and validation. BlueCrest SortEngine 360
sortation software provides a consistent user experience, sort scheme maintenance, workflow management, and security and control to maximize operational
productivity and lower costs. Drive business growth with throughput and cost savings by sorting more mail on a single platform with the Vantage mixed a mail
stacker from BlueCrest. For more information visit us online at

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