2 months Hundreds of euros and a lot of new viewers… And the day has come. The launch of the boat Was it worth it, all that effort? It’s the day. thrilling That might not sound enthusiastic, but i am! I made a calculation of the total spendings 1073 euros. But then you have your own duct tape boat, With an inside area, seating, steering wheel I will give you a grand tour trough this boat, Which is completed. I first need to lay it down, attach the motor and bring out the windshield. And this place needs a clean up. Burp. There it is. My love, my life. I think it’s time for a P.O.V TOUR! I also need a name for the boat Let me know. We start of at the back… This is where the motor will sit. You can see the ropes, which lead to the steering wheel. You don’t see a steering wheel on a boat like this every day. I enter via the seats that I made last time. I didn’t really like the chairs. But I do need this chair. Put it like this, so I can enjoy the view. Hopefully looking over the river and not the bottom of it. I don’t know for sure if this thing floats… I need to keep my promises: ”If this thing doesn’t float, I will delete my YT channel” Fine. This will be the dashboard of the boat. We indeed have a dashboard. At the moment there is a plant here. But there should be a nodding hawaiian puppet. I sadly don’t have one. Alright guys, welcome in the inside area! I expected that it would come far, but not this far. Not in every duct tape boat you have an inside area.. We also have a window to the outside world. Like the video! Later you will see the river flowing along hopefully. What a life. I don’t need my speedboat anymore. The entire summer you will see me on this thing. This thing wheighs 300kgs I used a little to heavy wood. So there is a plan needed for this thing to get to the water. I have no clue if the plan will work. We’ll see the plan If we want to roll the boat on the wheelers, a hard surface is needed. Whatsup motor! This thing is a problem. I am so smart. This gate is 90cm wide and how wide did I built the boat? 95cm… In three quarters of an our the people will arrive. Hopefully 5 men are enough to lift the boat! That’s the plan, genius. I will get mad if it sinks… Everything for the beauty shots. Jiro also arrived. I need to fuel up. Make a thumbnail And in ten minuts everyone is here. The lift, chill, people have arrived. The trailer is ready. It is happening. Way to much work leading to this moment. I am very curious if this will go flawless. Let’s hope so. This was step one, lifting it on to the table. Need to go a little higher, over the fence. Dont break. It’s loaded up! The boat is on the trailer. Only mission left is going to the harbour. Brother, do you have confidence about it? I do trust it but what a big object. Yeah it definitely is. Let’s go to the port. That needs a hyped up beat. There it goes. We are in the harbour! I missed it here. The watersports season has started. I might have bough….. I have to say untill now everything went great. Let’s hope it stays that way. And let’s also hope the motor starts after 2 years standing still. This is it, the ramp Shortly we will roll it down But down there, is a problem. Ofcourse there is. There is an anoying hole in the ramp Which makes the rolling process a lot harder. So place the trailer down here, and lift the boat into the water… I need to speak less… Quickly test the motor. And then it’s show time. What do you think, driving or sinking? I am pretty nervous. Yeah that will start. I could see it coming… a motor which will not start. It runs! In the water that boat needs to go. The big moment is there, will it float? Let’s check it out and like the video. Subscribe. IT FLOATS! And it doesn’t even sit deep! Move it to the dock, instal the motor… And show time. Floats like sunshine. What a view. It feels right! Duct tape boat, stable as well! Time for… the first… passenger Get the rope! Check it out And I don’t see a drip! I need to do one thing now that it’s in the water. climb inside. That’s a view isn’t it? This wasn’t built for this to fit, but it does! Fit the motor, and floor it! A little bit of wobbeling was needed. It bearly fits. And keep that dirty mind away! The steering system is attached Let’s have a look at the results. I feel like an illegal professor… Who every once in a while pulls a weird project out of his garage. I don’t need this one. I’m missing some cup holders. Talk less, start this motor. That was close. Flawless. I stopped the engine. Enjoying the quietness in the harbor. This exact moment I worked so hard for. Months of building in wind and rain. And suddenly I’m floating on it and it drives smooth! It barely sits deep and I don’t see a single drip. I think that I can officially call this a boat. Test #1: top speed Large boat approaching. To reach the max speed… a little bit of weight here is needed. So it hopefully sits flat. currrently chilling on the Maas. That’s the big river over here. During the summer months it’s packed here. And now I am here alone, on the duct tape boat! I have a speed app So we can measure the top speed. Here you see me moving my weight. Hoping for a better speed. 13kmh You are right that is not super fast. But on this thing it does feel like it. Idea! A stronger motor on the back? What if we install a 10hp of 20hp? Than we’ll fly! The beatyfull city of Roermond. The police boat! I hope this is legal. It also has some big waves! Nothing to worry about over here! WAVES! Apparently this is premited… So I’m all set for the summer. Test #2: people capacity. I don’t follow it either. 50k likes and I will do a 24 hour survival challenge on this thing. That includes sleeping, eating, all of it. So like and subscribe. Almost 700k! Let the first one come. Join the club Three people, easy! Jiro will go up front. 4 people are seated! Two in the front, two back here. Number 5. That is one situation. Honestly this isn’t made for 5 passengers. But it works! The motor isn’t starting Let’s add some deodorant, always works. Currently chilling with him in here. Here is the river flowing along. Enough space. Comfortable lighting. It’s getting hot in there? ”this is the sleeping area” Those people looking at us like What is floating over there? The boys did a discovery. 2 nice fenders Oops, almost standing on the drone. What do you think of the boat? Really nice, I sometimes participated building on it. I did not expect to trust this thing with 5 people. Skip the drone, use a tripod. 50k likes=24hr challenge. So you better like. And the chilling continued. It felt weird with 5 passengers on a funky creation. But it was possible. Goodevening people! Still on the duct tape boat… I don’t know it’s pretty nice in here. I recommend building one yourself. Look at that, the rather spooky view. Totally forgot about this by the way. That’s a different level! I don’t follow it at all. I have a dock in this harbour. So I will put it there. Because it is 100% waterproof anyway. Dont be sad, these kind of videos will come more! Help me to the 700k, and see you later!


  1. geen origineel idee gejat van mythbusters! wat een fucking schapen hier die dit soort plagiaat liken!!

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