Hey everybody this is Randy Santel
“Atlas” and i am very very excited today because this meal looks delicious, and
I’m eating with my teammate for this one Mr. Magic Mitch we are in Valencia on the East Coast we are at El Tarantino Chiflado and we’re taking on
their challenge which the name is Reto Dos and it is that name because two
people are involved, we have 31 minutes and 31 seconds to finish everything here,
we have pretty much a double burger I think it is along with these are
Venezuela’s arepas on the bottom of these burgers, but then we’ve got a
platter of loaded nachos and then we’ve got some cheese fries along with some
crunchy, I think peanut butter flavored wings on top of these fries along with
just a few nachos, if we fail this challenge it’s going to be 50 euros
total or 25 a piece, but if we win we’ll get our meals free we will get sweet
t-shirts and we’ll be one of the few elite teams hanging it on the wall of fame.
You ready? Absolutely, alright let’s get this challenge started! All right I’m going for another win in
Valencia of Spain and overall win number 640, but like I said we’ve got 31 minutes
31 seconds, three teams have won we know them all our friends Raina and Jennifer
their team has the record which is 15 minutes and 40 seconds, but Magic Mitch
and I are gonna try to crush that but let’s get the victory! You ready? All right so for our strategy we’re each
going to finish our own little meals here this double cheeseburger has some
beef brisket on it then we’re going to do the Venezuelan arepas and then we’ll
just go from there see who wants to do the fries with the nachos but let’s see
let’s dominate that 15 minute 40 second record! Un, dos, tres. . . boom! Very good job Mitch I held this back on
that one. It’s getting time to take me out to the
pasture and put me away but I did get overall win number 640 that was a
delicious meal, what did you think of it? Everything about that challenge was
delicious especially those chicken wings! The peanut butter sauce or whatever that
was fantastic! Yeah the chicken wings are really good
my favorite was the nachos. Thank you to El Taratin Chiflado for the
delicious Reto Dos Challenge, great job to Magic
Mitch be sure if you have not already check out his channel, the links are down
in the description. Adios!

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