Verdensrekord i Døds 27 Meter og 20 Meter Soffa | Veien til VM³ 1 | Moss

are you joking me its 27 meters he stopped in the air Star! Are you ready? this is going to be
chaotic 20 Club? were calling 20! Look at that star! ready for world record? personal? We`ll se. Yes, it har to be done it would been better with 20 degrees when we enter the harbor then there is full traffic it means stay away from heavy machinery It`s high F*** it`s high! Let`s go! Yeah bro! I`m going for it captain salute YES! Count down I`m just going for it! ready? Ready! YES Are we good to go? 15 meter I`m not liking the ledge. Think i must on the railing ok, it`s not 15 anymore suddenly 16 meters ready? count down 5 4 3 2 1 ROX! 20 club Never seen him doing it this high. get some rescue assistance Get them closer Yes, are we ready? Count down? 5 4 3 2 1 NO! NO! NOO! WHAT THE F*** What? S**** get that boat close as f***! Come closer 3 2 1 are you joking me It`s 27 meters! 27! He stoped mid air WHAT THE F***!! You are crazy bro! Are you ok? that was heavy looks like your in pain? it hit the stomach But i`m all good congratulations on the world record Cold, but 27 meters? it happend you have the previous record on 26? yes did you feel the extra meter? yes i did congratulations on the world record Hug it in! you are the craziest guy I know

42 thoughts on “Verdensrekord i Døds 27 Meter og 20 Meter Soffa | Veien til VM³ 1 | Moss

  1. hvorfor var du ikke med på frogner 2019..? savna deg… prøvd å sett på det du har lagt ut. Kvalikproblemer? scandalnavia

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