Subtitles – Rafael Posso [Music] Baby, Humm Did you remember my nephew b-day? Yes He is cute right? That boy is cool.. He is very cool!! You see his friends? All cutes.. Did you remember that little girl looking like an hindian? She looked like us right? When we get a little girl she is gonna look like her!! For Sure!! Baby.. What do you think about a little baby here? Running and doing a lot of mess here!! Honney.. You would`t believe that I was just thinking about it.. Really???? Our apartment is not huge but a pit bull like Lucao`s dog its nice no?? But I know you liked the Dalmations.. Look this cute one that I was seeing.. look Baby, Im talking about our son!! What?? A kid?? Yes it could be a kid.. Not bad What you mean? A baby? Like you pregnant ? Like get a toy? Get a toy? Lol.. Baby a kid is not a toy okay? I know baby.. Its serious.. Thats why I was looking the pupies.. Became a mother is more than everything.. Is to have somebody to love.. I Know.. Take care day and night.. To teach Pay school, nanny See it growing up in the same way that we dream right? Oh yes, buy clothes and toys everti-me, get worried with whom its growing up with… it would be a girl.. OMG, don’t want to think about it!! OMG.. Okay,This dalmatian that you saw, How much is it? Music Baby look it… So cute baby.. Come on.. We already talked about it.. Let`s think in the future I’ll give you a puppy on Valentine’s Day Valentine’s Day… OK, I will stop taking my pills.. You are gonna see it. You ll lol..

13 thoughts on “[email protected] é: METER UM BONECO – DIA DOS NAMORADOS

  1. Adorei o canal de vcs, seus vídeos tem uma ótima qualidade e o desenvolvimento de seus roteiros parece profissional, irei compartilhar seu canal entre amigos e se vc permitir irei recomenda lo e divulga lo para meus inscritos, boa sorte e sucesso!

  2. Um filho… um filho é tipo o que? Tipo uma criança?
    Entrei em decomposição de tanto rir!!! hahahaahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahaa

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