Video 6: How to Use a Hanna Instruments 9024 9025 pH Meter

Welcome to Video 6 of the Chemistry Lab Instructional
Series This video will guide you through the process
of calibrating a pH meter and then using it to measure the pH of a sample These are the materials you’ll need You’ll need a pH meter to read the pH an electrode to measure the pH a storage solution to keep the electrode wet colored pH standards where every color corresponds to a different pH deionized water for rinsing the electrode and Kimwipes First you’ll want to turn on the meter by pressing the on/off button until the screen
comes on next you’ll have to decide which pH standards
to calibrate the pH meter Generally, you want to be able to calibrate
your pH meter above and below your sample’s pH Given the standards that we have here, if your sample has a pH somewhere between
4 and 7, those are the standards you would use for
calibration Likewise, if your sample had a pH somewhere
between 7 and 10, you would choose your standards in a similar
manner. In this video, the sample will have a pH that
is intermediate between 4 and 7, So we’ll be using these standards as a demonstration. This next part of the video is meant to give two visual perspectives of the calibration
process. The screen on the left shows you what to do
at the pH meter, while the screen on the right shows you what
to do with the electrode. Press and hold the “CAL” button on the pH
meter Use the ↑ and ↓ arrows to select your
pH standard. It is preferred to calibrate the meter at
pH 7, first. Remove the electrode from the storage solution. If you accidentally spill the storage solution, ask your TA for extra. Rinse the electrode with deionized water Then wipe it down with a Kimwipe Place the electrode in the first pH standard. The readings on the pH meter will now change. Once the readings on the meter have stabilized, the screen will go from saying “NOT READY”
to “READY” Press the “CFM” button to move on. If necessary, use the ↑ and ↓ arrows to choose the second pH standard. In this example, the second standard is pH 4 but as we covered earlier in this video this could change, depending on your sample. Once again, rinse and dry the electrode. Place the electrode in the second pH standard
and wait for the reading to stabilize. Once the reading has stabilized,
the meter will change from saying “NOT READY” to “READY” Press the “CFM” button. The pH meter is now properly calibrated
and you are now ready to read your sample. Rinse and dry your electrode one more time and then place it into your sample. If your sample is being stirred, make sure that the electrode never touches the magnetic stir bar at the bottom This is because the stir bar can break the glass bulb at the end of the electrode. When you’re done using the electrode put it back into the storage solution.

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