31 thoughts on “Video Game Urinal! Model 3 Road Trip To CES

  1. Oh man, I thought you weren't going to make it. Too bad we did not run into each other, it would have been great to hang out again

  2. Great video. I love seeing your perspective on Tesla. And can't wait to see the rest of the Model 3 specific videos.
    Maybe they'd implement layout orientation adjustment? like, have the navigation switch to the left when its more relevant? I remember hearing rumors, before we knew anything about the E – cough* i mean "3", that the speedometer would fade in'n out as you approached the speed limit (or something like that,) but, i think that the speedometer is not as important as the navigation, at least at times.

  3. So you like almost everything having to be controlled by the interface? I know Tesla was expecting this car to be Lv 3 or 4 autonomy so then that would have been a non issue, but seeing Tesla is no where near that how do you feel about adjusting more things via the screen?

  4. I keep hearing the ride quality is really rough/stiff on the 3. How did you feel about the suspension/ride quality on bumpy roads?

  5. “Hit as many things going around the corner” how may things do you hit going around corners? Or did I misunderstand you?

  6. Not meaning to practice "One Upsman Ship," but some years ago there was an Italian Restaurant in San Antonio which had a large photo of the young Sophia Loren in a low cut blouse leaning forward right over the men's urinal. Predictably, the Blue Noses must have prevailed, for the next time that I visited the restaurant and used the urinal, the photo of Sophia was gone. ;-(

  7. Thanks for the honest opinions on Model 3. Most of the reviews I've seen were just like "its great I love it" and that is really not that helpful.

  8. It would seem that you and other YouTuber's continue to compare the Model 3 to the Model S. While talking about tech and capabilities would make sense, discussing size seems like an unfair comparison. I once bought a Tundra instead of a Tacoma, due to size. I considered an Avalon over the Camry. In all three comparisons here, size and price go hand in hand. Most of us would prefer not to spend $100K to have an electric car when the Model 3 can be bought for less. Compare the Model 3 to cars similarly sized if you can. It may be some time until the electric car market isn't so spread out on pricing, but in the meantime compare what make sense.

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