village has 1000 street lights installed at a 3 kilometer road

Three kilometers of Tujia, a village in Shanshan
province of China, can be called the world’s brightest way. On this road, more than 1000 street lights
are installed in 3 kilometers. Usually Street Lights are installed at a distance
of 30 to 50 meters, but villagers have installed 3 meters of distance lights in this village. On this narrow path, so many lights cause
a lot of trouble for the drivers in the night, but there is no traffic on this road. According to Chinese media, villagers have
installed so many street lights to get money. According to the reports, street lights were
started on the road since 2016. Shian International Trade and Logistics Park
is situated in the same area. For the expansion of this park, the government
is paying compensation to the people from the land. The villagers are installing street lights
with their lands so that they can ask for more value for the land. According to the figures provided by the GAO
Committee, more than 1000 street lights are installed on the village 3 kilometers of the
village. Each of them is more than $ 1,000. Do not even do half of them, which makes sense
that the villagers have been installed to get money from the government. Unfortunately, the Chinese government has
refused to include the cost of these street lights in the amount of land compensation. The government has asked village officials
to warn people, but people are still installing more street lights. The government says that if people do not
remove these street lights, they will be dropped.

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