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Hi, my name is Vladlena, I’m 19 years old and I’m a model I’ve recently been signed with my mother agency and currently in the process of creating my book What’s the most attractive part of modeling job in your opinion? opportuinty to travel practicing foreign languages being able to see the world and diferent cultures and knowing interesting people in fashion industry What do your parents think about modeling? Well, they’re not really into it But during the time of my weight loss (it was quite long time I must say) they’ve been re-thinking it and have already calmed down a bit and now are ready to let me go to my first modeling trip – You’ve mentioned before that you’ve lost 15 kg ( 33 lbs ). – Right Could you please share about your weight loss journey? What was your motivation? My (modeling) scout has helped me a lot He’s been sending me meal plans and explained what to eat etc It was mostly just healthy food & sport But I think until you’ll make a lot of your own mistakes you think that you’re special and you need some kind of special diet etc But the truth is no one’s special you just need to eat healthy Eat less sugar and junk food And try to mostly eat veggies… Yes And then you’ll lose 15 kg. Or more lol Please give us an example of your daily menu Well, I think I eat almost the same food every day, but I try to choose my favorite products I’m sure my diet won’t fit everyone, but it’s good for me I eat quark with yoghurt for breakfast My boyfriend’s mom Makes homemade yoghurt So, I mix yoghurt and quark and it tastes really good For lunch and dinner I’m usually having some veggie salad And sometimes I eat wholegrain bread. That’s it And I eat meat once or twice a week. Smth like that Do you go to the gym? How do you stay fit? I used to dance since I was a kid, so coming back to kind of active lifestyle wasn’t hard for me Right now I love to run And I do some fitness and excercises at home and try to stretch as well Are you interested in fashion in general? You know it’s really interesting: when i was yonger I wasn’t into it and didn’t think that it can be a serious job But with time I’ve started communicating with this industry insiders and I’ve realized that they are so interesting and talented people They “come forward” from the society So, since then my opinion has changed completely I think people who work in modeling make this industry so amazing Please give an advice to the girls who wants to work in modeling too. Well, I’d like to suggest them to learn English because you’ll have to communicate with everyone in English And stay in shape Lose some weight if needed lol – Thank you so much for this mini – interview. – Thank you too! I hope we’ll work together again in the future And I wish you all the best in your career! Thank you! 🙂

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  1. What would you like to see in my next videos guys? Please let me know your ideas.
    If you have any questions for models / me, I'll be happy to answer. Thank you so much for support! 🙂

    Друзья, если у вас есть какие-либо вопросы (ко мне или к моделям для будущих интервью), буду рада ответить. Также всегда благодарна вам за любые пожелания/предложения по поводу видео.
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  2. Hey Tatiana l want to lose body fat not weight, can you help me in this . I've busy schedule so can't workout.

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