hi ! i’m back with some more English ! we
all know that there are pefixes but we don’t always know what they are
for. today we’ll talk about convertive prefixes, the ones that transfer words into
different parts of speech, and change their function ,basically. so convertive
prefixes are a and variations like an ab, ak, etc be, em, and en. so when you
add it to the word the part of speech is different. let’s look at examples. board
aboard so the board is literally a board, like
on the ship, and when you hear welcome aboard, aboard is an adverb
welcome where? abord – different part of speech. company accompany. accompany
somebody or accompany something. the evening was accompanied by beautiful
music. just adjust. so somebody can be just .it’s an adjective, but when you add te prefix it becomes a verb to adjust to something, so when you kind of a get
used to something, some conditions .firm affirm .adjective firm is something that is
firm ,you know, wood. but to affirm something – you confirm it you validate it.
you make it like a firm hard fact something that is secure. so you affirm
it. lure allure. if you play pokemon go you know that there are lures. lure is
something that attracts animals ,pokemons people ,whatever. it’s just, the function of
the lure is to attract. but if you add prefix you make a verb to alllure, to attract somebody or
something. range arrange. so the range a noun as a range of products range of, I
don’t know, books anything. and to arrange is to put in some sort of order sure assure. so to assure is to confirm
something to remove doubt, like I assure you I’m fine. be .and the easiest example here is
head and to behead. so have is a noun a head and when you behead somebody you
literally cut off their head. so you behead the person. am. body embody. body is a noun
you have a body, but to embody is to give something a body, to give
something a form. for example it’s very difficult to embody all your thoughts in
a small text message. power ampower. so when you empower somebody you kind of
like inspire and give power to the person. beautiful verb. large enlarge. to make something bigger
courage to encourage to give somebody courage, again to inspire somebody and
give some strength. force enforce, to again give power or put something into
action there are a lot of suffixes and to be
really good at them there is no other way than just to kind
of learn words in this sort of pairs like i did in this video. so instead of
just trying to remember suffixes like em which is we know not possible and
is not useful at all, just remember the words and try to think about that when
you see a word with some weird prefixes or suffixes and analyze what
does it do what is the core of the word, and how
does it function .so just spend a little bit more time analyzing words when you
learn them and that will help you out to understand the logic of english language.
so thank you for watching! I hope it was helpful and interesting. and i will see
you in my next video. bye ! the vlog is coming your way yeah but it’s just you know difficult to
create all those time lapses and make them like slow or fast and so I’m like
uh you know but i like it. i enjoy editing so you’ll be the judge so when there… when they are added to the
word so you make it kind of like a hard of firm some,bad example.no, that
that’s not true


  1. и почему мой препод по английскому из биин олд армениан мэн(

  2. Что бы зделать с глагол-существительного lure глагол нужно добавить префикс a и тогда получится точно такой же глагол тире существительное allure ????

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