Vortex Flow Meters – The Next Generation

♪ [music] ♪ InnovaMass. Reinvented. Experience our
passion for flow with the InnovaMass iSeries Vortex Flow Meter. The next
generation, completely redesigned InnovaMass iSeries is ideal for saturated
or superheated steam, gas, and liquid flows, and can be specified to measure up
to five process variables with one process connection. These five flow variables are
volumetric flow, mass flow, density, pressure, and temperature. Total cost of
ownership plummets, lower initial cost, less complex installation, and reduced
maintenance costs contribute to significant overall savings. The
InnovaMass Model 240i Inline Vortex Flow Meter is ideal for pipe sizes up to 8
inches and DN200. With robust construction, and equipped with Sierra’s
latest iSeries Raptor II operating system, the InnovaMass iSeries is one of the first
flow meters to have useful apps. Apps like FlowPro vastly improve low flow
measurement accuracy. Apps like MeterTuning automatically cancel external
noise to improve accuracy. Apps like ValidCal Diagnostics make field
calibration validation easy. And you can change pipe sizes and measure fluid in the
field with apps like Dial-A-Pipe and Dial-A-Fluid. Sierra has many more useful
apps under development. As soon as they are released, you can seamlessly download
and begin using them. The innovative 241i Insertion Vortex Flow Meter is an
economical solution for flow applications in pipe sizes from 50mm up to 2 meters or
more in diameter. Volumetric or multi-variable measurements are possible
with a single insertion point, greatly reducing installation cost. Shown here,
the 241i is easily hot-tapped into the pipe with no process shutdown with a
removable or permanent mount probe retractor. Actuated from top or bottom use, the
retractor places the sensor head in exactly the right place. A wide variety of
process connections are available for proper installation. InnovaMass.
Reinvented. Experience our passion for flow with the InnovaMass iSeries
Vortex Flow Meter. ♪ [music] ♪

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