31 thoughts on “VTEC engine dyno after 200,000km [B18C6 Integra Type R]

  1. I struggle to believe it hasn't been rebuilt, it will be due if not within the next 20000miles. My Dc2 has just had a rebuild after bottom end went at roughly 120000 miles. The valve stem seals had perished and so had the rings though this could be argued that the previous owners maintenance was poor. Lovely looking teg nevertheless 🙂 

  2. Dear Miroshi, Did you maintain it well?
    I'm looking to see an acceleration footage of a bone stock Integra Type-R UK-Spec like yours. Unfortunately most videos are about Tuned cars. I have a test of Integra Type-R in German AMS magazine which they achieved 0-100 km/h in 6.7 s & 0-200 km/h in 31.8 s. (Test date 1998)

  3. sweet caR. my Canadian 2001 has 150.000km now but less than 10000 km on rebuilt motor. she made 192 on mustang dyno last time. so around 225-230 whp.

    stage 2 cams. wiesco pistons 11:0 compression ratio. Carrillo pro a con rods. full exh. and velocity stack on short ram intake.

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  5. Impressive, It made more than I thought it would… Only why can't I hear the VTEC crossover compared to what I'm used too.

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