VW Transporter T4  1.000.000 km

What do you think it is going to happen? I´m not sure. Someone says it´s going to switch over, someone says it isn´t. I´ve just visited my friend and he called the central service department because of it. They assume only the nine numbers will remain. I don´t know. This is my private service book. I have written everything to it what I have repaired in this car e.g. pivot pins, gaskets,silent blocks…… I used to count the money I have invested to the car but it impossible to charge it anymore. You have to get used to it. What did I say earlier today? It is my private matter. The transmission is original, the fuel injection system is original, the engine is original. There are only the common repairs. You only fuel the car with diesel oil, motor oil and it goes again. So, more 0,5 km and we will see what´s going to happen. I am getting dewy-eyed, what can I say. The last 100 metres. What does it feel like? Terrible. If you weren´t here, I would probably cry. To be honest, I am deeply moved. And there it is! What else now. We are going for the next million, aren´t we? When the car had 750, 000 kilometres on the clock, I wasn´t sure that I can reach the million. The repairs cost some money but it was worth it, at least for the feeling. It´s the intense moment. I didn´t expected that. Many people can´t manage this, but I wish everybody to have a car reaching 1 million kilometres. On the other hand, the automobile factories would probably have to shut down the production… That´s enough…. Today we want to send the email with photos to VW in Germany and we´ll see if the car will be taken to the museum or they could at least send an original VW sweatshirt. What now? It doesn´t write anything. I will turn the taximeter on. The taximeter is working. Great, it won´t drive for free. We won´t rip off our Minister of Finance Babiš. I would like to thank to the car mechanics Roman Pešek and Pavel Fojtík for their excellent service. The car wouldn´t probably have so much on the clock without them.

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