62 thoughts on “W210 Mercedes 1600000 km with the best oil : Aral Turboral 15W-40

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  2. Bought this car when new. Rust, rust… Electronics failed over and over. Sold it after two years. Never again Mercedes. Overpriced vehicles of tradition passed.

  3. Les petit regarder sa c est mercedes benz la qualité est le serieux allemand c est pas une renault c est clair est net.

  4. Good !
    With a Fiat you'have to change 4 times the odometer to do that(and others mechanical parts of course):
    Odometer out of order:


  5. I had a car that passed 450 thousand kilometers . The car was passat b5 1998 . Ok it looked not so good becouse it was in srvuce for so long some plastic parts started to come off . The paint started to come off . Engine parts like belt and other units like fuel pump and water pump started to break and leak . Without basic repairs a car can not pass more than 300 thousand . Your belt will become shit after this milage and it brakes . After your engine will be broken as well . Less parts znd less units in car means less stuff to brake . This mersedes have so much electronics so I do not think that after 20 years al of that electro stuff will be ok . All of this video is bullshit in my opinion .

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