Watch Beautiful Santa Claus Guppies Growing:  1 Day Old to 16 Weeks

How’s it going everyone. These are my
male Santa Claus Guppies. I’m raising them in an outdoor 50 gallon tub.
These Santa Claus Guppies are perfect for outdoor fish tubs and ponds because
from the top view they really stand out with their white iridescence, white
pectoral fins, and red tails. These are the females,
very active, and very hungry. Here are the breeders. These two here are the parents
and the rest of the guppies in here are their children. In this video I’m going
to show you the transformation from the one day old fry all the way till 16
weeks old. Here’s the fry at one day old. Nothing
much to see. One week old fry. At 3 weeks old in their 50 gallon tub. I
notice color developing on their tail. Five weeks old and the smaller ones are two
weeks old. There’s a really big male here. He grew really fast. I decided to
catch this big male and bring him inside the house where he can have fun swimming
around with a lot of other male Guppies. At five weeks old. I’m gonna catch some
of the larger females and I’m going to raise them in a separate fish tub.
Getting them acclimated for a while and then I’m gonna release them. Here are the
Guppies at six weeks old. You can see color developing now. Here are two males,
you can see color on their tail, their white dorsal fin, white gonopodium. As
they get older, their pectoral fins should turn white. Male santa-claus
Guppies at seven weeks old. I caught the largest and most colorful
males in the tub. You can see the tails ar e turning red, except for this male
here, he has a white tail. The dorsal fins are white, the gonopodiums are white,
and their pectoral fins are starting to get a little whiter. Seven week old
females. I caught the largest females in the tub
and their tails and dorsal fins are starting to turn white. Eight week old
males and their colors are really starting to develop now. Females at 8
weeks old you can see the white iridescence on their backs starting to
show. Males at 9 weeks old continuing to develop really nicely. You can see their
pectoral fins are white now. Ten week old males. The red in their tails are getting
a little more intense. Some of their dorsal fins are turning red and their
pectoral fins are continuing to grow and most of them are turning white. Twelve week
old males these guys are really getting nice. There’s some black showing up in
their bodies and their dorsal fins are red except for that one there that one.
Seems to be more of a albino. Here’s the 12 week old females. I caught
that baby by accident. These females are growing nicely. I’m noticing that some of
them have yellow in their tails. I prefer keeping them white so I’m gonna just
breed the ones with the white tails. Males at 14 weeks old developing nicely.
Finally, there are the males at 16 weeks old. Some have red tails, some have
white tails, some have white pectoral fins, some have darker pectoral fins,
overall pretty inconsistent. So I’m gonna try and breed them to get all red tails
and all white pectoral fins. Females at 16 weeks old some have white tails and
some have yellow in their tails. The yellow tails are nice but I’m gonna
focus on the white tails like I said earlier. So I’m going to breed the ones with
the white tails. I hope you enjoyed this video and thanks for watching.

58 thoughts on “Watch Beautiful Santa Claus Guppies Growing: 1 Day Old to 16 Weeks

  1. Great documentation and narration to this video and very nice strain. It is also interesting how living in outdoor ponds affect tropical fish. Beautiful strain Hawaii Hobbyist

  2. Wowee! The males have such big, fat bodies. Almost like females. Just stunning. Would you mind sharing your water parameters?

  3. Hola desde colombia te felicito por tus guppys hace tiempo sigo tu canal y me parece muy bueno , tengo una pregunta con que tipo de comlda los alimentas para tener ese desarollo fisico alguna marca en especial

  4. Some of the females were already pregnant at 7 weeks, I think, perhaps with their father or brothers' children. I noticed the accidentally caught baby a few weeks later (didn't you return it where it should be?), glad to see you've taken care of the fry but shouldn't you separate males from females as soon as you start distinguishing them? I mean, incest is something to consider.

  5. Male Santa Claus guppies kinda looks like a female guppy? Since they have large bellies lol at first glance I thought they are females? But when they were growing they look like they're original gender

  6. Vivo en Paterson New Jersey se me ha hecho difícil conseguir guppy Dumbo Gracias por tu respuesta Que Dios te bendiga mucho me gusta la calidad de tus guppy

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