Water Barrel Sanitize and Set Up 55 Gallon Water Barrel

how to set up water barrels how to sanitize water barrels how much water to store for emergencies how where to store water hi it’s AlaskaGranny Alaska Prepper no matter where you live I
hope you’re storing water for emergencies you never know when your
family’s safety and security could depend upon fresh drinking water know that whatever container you use you
need to sanitize it before you put it away with water stored inside so what you want to do with to sanitize and set up a 55
gallon water barrel its fill it up with about one gallon of water add five tablespoons or
caps full of bleach use unscented bleach to sanitize your water barrel or water storage container please make sure you use unscented bleach to sanitize your water storage barrel or container then roll the water storage barrel all around until every
surface on the inside gets washed with the bleach water to sanitize your water storage container or barrel then
you want to pour out the bleach water that has sanitized your water storage container or 55 gallon water storage barrel once you sanitize your 55 gallon water storage drums or barrels you want to decide where you want your 55 gallon water storage barrel
to be before you fill your water storage barrel because each 55 gallon water storage barrel weighs
over 450 pounds when it’s full of fresh drinking water never store a water storage container directly onto a cement or
concrete surface because the concrete can leach up chemicals and spilled fluids into the stored fresh drinking water and contaminate your fresh drinking water you
want to put your 55 gallon water storage barrel or drum on something like cardboard or a board of wood before you
set your 55 gallon water barrel in place once you get your 55 gallon water storage barrels in place make sure that
the water storage barrel or drum is level and that the bung hole is in a spot that it’s easy for you to reach to access the fresh drinking water in an emergency and
you’re ready to fill your 55 gallon water storage barrels or drums up and your water will be easy to reach in an emergency situation and then you’re going to have your fresh supply or stored drinking water for emergency situations ready no
matter what emergency comes along make sure when you store your 55 gallon water barrel
that you have a barrel wrench or what’s called a bung wrench that you can open your 55 gallon water storage barrel in an
emergency you also need a siphon shaker hose so that
you can get or access the water from the 55 gallon water storage barrel or some kind of a pump you want to be able to use your stored emergency water you want to be able to get the
water out once you fill these 55 gallon water storage barrels they weigh more than 450 pounds each gallon
of water weighs just over 8 pounds so these 55 gallon water storage barrels are too heavy to do anything with so
make sure that you have your 55 gallon water storage barrels where you need them then you will be able to access the stored emergency water supply
and you know you’re going to be ok no matter what comes along because you have stored safe drinking water for emergencies learn more at alaskagranny.com please subscribe
to the AlaskaGranny channel

32 thoughts on “Water Barrel Sanitize and Set Up 55 Gallon Water Barrel

  1. Not sure what floor surface you have but I read not to set water barrels on concrete floors….I put rugs under mine.

  2. Drinkable water is essential. Level one Maslow stuff. If people aren't doing the basics now to ensure clean drinkable water is always available always, they are failing Prep 101, period.

    I am pretty sure that the folks in Flint, MI thought that what happened there would never happen in the first place. I would hate to live in the next city that has the same problems as Flint right now. Does anyone have that much faith in their current municipal government to do the right thing when it comes to potable water availability (and timely notification of non-availability should a crisis occur)?

    You are doing a public service, +AlaskaGranny. Keep the videos coming!

  3. i use a barrel dolly with a removable handle , has a bung hole wrench on it , you can move a full barrel with one hand , if people are like me as my preps increase i have to shuffle thing's around lol

  4. What does (concrete leech up chemicals and spills mean?)….I have two plastic 55 gallon drums in my closet….They are on thick carpet and padding over a cement floor….Will they be safe on the carpet over the cement floor? Thank You and great video….

  5. 1:18 , I hate it when I can't reach my bunghole. In all seriousness though , thank you for the information. Being prepared is a must

  6. Do you rinse out the bleach before filling, or add anything to the water in order to keep it from growing bacteria? If so, I've heard some people use food-grade hydrogen peroxide in lieu of bleach. Thank you for the great videos!

  7. I think I may have made a mistake. I purchased a 55 gallon "rain barrel" to put water in to store in my basement. The barrel has a screen on the lid. Is that going to create a problem? Is the water supposed to be stored in an air tight container? I plan to fill it with reverse osmosis. Thanks in advance for your advice.

  8. I love you’re videos very informative and helpful… I just find it a little funny that you’re called Alaska granny but yet in this video you have a cactus in the background

  9. Thanks for the great video! And then comments regarding whether or not add bleach for preserving. I had to move my water storage and refill recently and have been concerned about not adding bleach yet….. But no worries anymore. Barrels should be just fine. Thanks again and keep up the great work! ☺️

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