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  1. Must be nice to live in an area where ground freeze is so rare that you can get away with this depth. It's great to see another vid of how to use Pex.

  2. Note that per should not be exposed to sunlight. So the insulation you installed serves two purposes…freeze protection and protection from sunlight. Pex exposed to sunlight becomes brittle and will break.

  3. By the way i subscribed to your channel because your videos are great. I really appreciate that you show real world work/situations (not some "everything goes perfectly" fake mock up or sales demo) and you overlay them with experienced/expert voice over providing great info and tips. Thanks for posting!!

  4. hi I was wondering what is recommended size from the water meter to the house I saw you used 3/4 but i was seeing online that people recommend 1 inch .I live in texas and i believe my line going to the house is 3/4 inch pipe so is there a big difference between using a 1 inch and a 3/4 to the house?

  5. hi thanks for the video. where i live we have to go 16 inches down at least but probably 18 inches to be on the safe side. i am in california. I noticed you didn't insulate the entire pex line. This will be my first time doing it and I also like you will be replacing the old PVC pipe with the PEX line and its just about the same as what you did. Almost the same distance also. Its a 1inch line however and the city gives me 1 1/2 inch going into the meter. So I will be using a blue 1 inch aquapex pipe. I am wondering now since I think I have to insulate it, would it be less work and cheaper I think to just buy a pre-insulated aquapex pipe ?? Your advice is appreciated. Thanks!! God Bless

  6. I was wondering why the pipes had to be replaced ? Just too old? Also wondering I've never seen anyone use so much Teflon tape. Is that better to use more tape than just one wrap? Thanks — just curious.

  7. Wow … THIS NEW PEX LINE is going to seriously replace the old .. THANKS for taking out the time to MAKE THIS VIDEO and SHARE IT WITH The World.

  8. What issues might you encounter if you where to disconnect the original PVC lines at the houses at the point where they 90 up vertically, fasten your PEX to the old, hook your vehicle to the PVC at the other end, then just back up slowly?
     Good job on the video's Mr. Taylor – and karma points for sharing your knowledge!

  9. Hey Claude….can you tell me what kind of 3 way ball valve you are using in the video?  @ 35:20 you have a really good view of it?  I am trying to hook up the garage in my back yard with water and want to run the lines almost exactly as you have it.  I have a water spigot that I use to wash the car and I want to T-off that line and still have the spigot to use to wash my car.  Can you tell me the name of the valve in the video?  Thank you. 

    Excellent video my friend.. I just recently started buying rentals and flip properties.  My first 2 properties, one built in the 80's has all copper plumbing and the other built in the 50's has old galvanized steel piping.  I've gone through some growing pains with regard to finding quality skilled labor and with all that is required repairing/replacing old plumbing & electrical.  I was afraid of messing with electrical or plumbing on my own.  I found an excellent Electrician willing to teach me the basics. Then I was at a local REIA group and one of the guys there told me about PEX piping and the systems and explained how easy plumbing has become with the invent of this new technology.  I had no clue this existed until last night.  WOW!  This will save me boatloads of money and YOUTUBE makes learning to do most things pretty simple.  Thanks for the educational video!  Kudos and well done!

  11. Hello Claude got a Question that pex you put under ground. How much water pressure cold it hold max and how hot the water temperture it can with stand. Thanks

  12. Would this be a good alternative to cutting concrete slab to access existing pipe that needs to be replaced? Looking at your video, Im thinking that if I only dig the trench from the house to to edge of my driveway which would be about 20 feet of concrete, I can cut the existing pipe from there then on the meter side I can loosen the pipe and place a male coupling on the other end thus attaching the Pex Pipe to it and pulling it from the other side to avoid cutting through the concrete. I just hope that Pex Pipe is allowed in my city. That would make my DIY job easier

  13. Claude in  CA and /Texas other accepted CLT or CIT and IA Certified Licensed Landscape Contractor irrigation Tecs do this type of Irrigation  Sprinklers and 26 other Trades with-in Landscape Contractors in CA at least. So Plummers are not the only trade for this type of work.Plus Low-Voltage Lights installs with-in landscape work projects.. I have been Landscape Licensed Contractor over 40 years in CA now plus stay up on our Drought and Water  Low Flow, With Smart Clocks and Drips,Low Flow nozzles, Rotors in Residential plus Weather Stations and Water Sensors. The Landscaping with Sustainable CA Native Plants. That where some Water Districts offer Rebates for the up-grades on Water saving materials offered by many Vendors Rain Bird, irritrol, Hunter and many others that meet CA requirements. If Home owners or preferred Contractors installations for  better work professionally done. This help Water Districts have consistency in Building Codes to meet  for underground Water and Back Flow to prevent cross contamination in Water pipes.Then meet other High Standards for irrigation and Plumbing Practices acceptable by the Building Codes Standards.I really enjoyed your video on the new blue pipe however in Greater Sacramento area Vendors are not use this  yet in our area as should be done. This especially saving cost on materials vs Copper, Galvanized, Brass Fittings then Soldering or Brazing.

  14. Yes plus must figure friction Loss in Standardized Schedule 40 PVC pipe vs the Blue plex pipe and still need to wrap for areas where freezing may occur below 32 Degrees for period of 6 hours anything above 6" of ground. There  are many types of wrapping materials: Foam wraps, Tape Foam sticky surfaces adheres to most  Pipe surfaces. Prevents Damaged of pipes as Water Static flow. Good Luck in CA Plumbers Landscapers using different PVC Pipes other alternatives. That for either Direct main line services or secondary irrigation hook-ups  lines Drips, sprinklers pop-up sprayers Rotors.

  15. A DIG3 consiste(m) na prestação de mão de obra para realização de reparos emergências em tubulação do tipo PEX/PPR. Água Fria / Água Quente: Tubulações de CPVC, PEX, ** Pequenos e grandes Reparos em Geral " A Solução nossa especialidade é a sua Satisfação " de segunda a domingo Atendemos Emergências 24h.

  16. I can't believe that its legal to have exposed Pex coming out of the ground like that. Why wouldn't you run rigid pipe into the ground and adapt to Pex?  I get that you're trying to minimize the number of connections, but a single 90 degree fitting at the bottom doesn't seem that excessive.

  17. Thank's for the video really good explanation and demo. how can you find entrance of water on an 60 yr. old home here in Ga? oak tree surrounded galv water pipe approx 3 ft. from meter after that no clue, on slab , two 3/4 copper pipes out of floor in water heater room, should I just disregard old pipes and run new pex to water heater room and forget old entrance point?

  18. Thank you very much for the video! I have a question! I'm in an area where I have to worry about freezing and I believe I have to bury it at least 24" in the ground. I don't think it would be feasible to hand dig this deep so I'm guessing a trencher would be better? If a trencher is the better option, what would I do about roots? Our line goes right in-between two small trees (I'm likely going to run the new line around them, but will still encounter roots) and I don't know if the trencher will just eat through the roots (assuming I don't mind cutting them) or if I will have to just hand dig around the roots?

    And once it's all said and done, should I have to worry about the roots growing through the pipe at all? Thank you very much ! 🙂

  19. Another question if you don't mind. I am wondering what type of PEX piping you used here? PEX-B? Is that what would be best for this type of application? Thank you very much!

  20. Hi guys! I have only one question: what will you be doing if the faucet break down? or if you should to change the faucet.

  21. HI! please advise..8 ft pvc pipe for sprinkler system (AZ)..when system is ON from water system pipe comes up on top of ground UGH! Any suggestions what I can use on top of it to hold it down with that kind of pressure? Thank you!

  22. My house was built in 1950. The pipe is galvanized pipe from street to the house. Should I replace it with that blue piping you used?

  23. I do this type of work in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. It's really cool to watch how people do these things different in other countries. Thanks for showing this. I have never seen PEX over here btw, what is it like? Is it more like HDPE or PVC?

  24. cheers for the upload! think I may try rent that tool, because I don't know if I can trust sharkbite style push-fit pex fittings. The insulation sleeve on the end is a good idea. down here in australia we have high UV, (hole in ozone layer) so prob a good idea to shield it. I want mine to look fancy on tap-end, so maybe I'll even run the end through some spare copper pipe I have. or something.

  25. g'day HowToPlumbing, you said it's best to run lines without in-ground couplings. Thefore, if you wanted a couple of garden taps as well, would you put a multi-port manifold at the water meter? or is that a strange idea.

  26. So how do you get BOTH homes to go for changing water line? Neither pipe looked like it was leaking at all. I laid garden mat down under water meters, and then gravel so I wouldn't have to deal with the mud all the time on meter. But I don't see any pin hole for shutoff pin. Must be a nice trusting water company.

  27. thanks you so much for the video, i live in New England but i'm renovating a cottage in Scottsboro Al so i'm glad i don't have to dig 3ft down to below the frost line to run new water lines to the house.

  28. Nice Job. Youre lucky to be in a warmer climate, here in Ilinois our water lines have to be at least 4 feet down to prevent freezing, you guys have it made with these shallow lines, we have to call in a back hoe or ditch witch.

  29. I am not concerned about freezing pipes. I want to install a copper flexible 12" hose in one of our apartments. What are your thoughts on this? Are flexible copper or flex stainless steel pipes weather resistant to be placed outside in the weather? I would cover them with polyethylene wrapping to protect them.The pipe/hose would be above ground and not buried.

  30. My handyman could do this, unfortunately in the city they ask for certified plumber an pay $fees , permission to cut the street , big mess and possible loan-debt 😭

  31. Well, if this is a house if you use PEX like this you just deleted any and all electrical grounds that electricians, TV, internet and phone company folks may have installed. UBC and I believe UPC demands 10' of METALLIC PIPING IN THE GROUND at the service so as to maintain a proper electrical ground. Also, as others have suggested herein, you can NOT install Uponor PEX piping in the SUN! White is good to ONLY to 30 days in the sun and Red and Blue is ONLY good to 90 days in the sun! DO NOT DO IT GUYS and remember you CAN BE SUED if you delete an electrical ground! BE SMART not Dollar Dumb! ( DO NOT STORE PEX PIPE IN THE SUN! YOU WILL BE SORRY! )

  32. My contractors quit because they didn’t get paid fast enough from the insurance and the bank after my house burned down over a year ago, New Life Services from Eureka, California quit in April 2018. My new house was supposed to be finished last Christmas… they tried to put a lien on my property. 🤢
    Anyway, The water isn’t hooked up, so I’m going to try to do it myself. The pipe coming out of the new house is copper. It comes straight out horizontally about 6”. Can you tell me how to cut that and connect it please? I really want to do this myself and will appreciate any tips you can give me. I’m on a limited retirement and can’t afford a $6,000 plumber. Thank You in advance. 🙋‍♀️ Judye [email protected]

  33. I just replaced my main water supply line with pex from meter into house. Wish I only had to dig that deep. I had to dig mine 36inchs deep and about 30 feet long to get down to old line, and put new back in.

  34. I have 2 hot water heaters in my home. Does that mean this house has 2 separate hot and cold lines before it enters the home? I have loss of pressure where almost no water is coming from half of house if all faucets, and showers are turned on in the entire house.

  35. I might be weird but I love watching this guy. I'm building a house and am in the middle of the PVC sanitary sewer install. I decided to go with PEX for everything above grade. Gonna use a Manablock for end to end water distribution. One guy showed how all types of pipes react to subzero weather. PEX is the way to go. Times change. I love this guy's straight forward honesty. NO BS.

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