Water Meter Leaking Washers Replaced

good morning plumbers good morning world
today’s plumbing adventure we’re going to turn on a house for the spring season
the summer season is here with that I got an additional job there
turn on the heat system and I know we had some problems with his own valves
and the system’s been down for two years so now they want the heat system on so
we’re going to go ahead and turn that on and get it running first thing we gotta do is secure the water meter all right boys here we go we don’t want no leaky leaky. so we turn
the water meter on just test the meter and sure enough I got a little drip I
have a house side of meter shut off so now we just want to tighten up this
reverse nut oh its leaking worse now we got a hold back let’s hold back on this joker oh there it is. Be good to daddy still leaking. See the leak? tighten this up. I already gotta leak today hey just what you need your friendly gas
company they show up. Do you have a mark out? we do what’s up all right we gotta take the washer out I was
busy talking on man Frank my gas company buddy let me a double
check on this washer here it’s a little tired but I should just go get some
washes here dude look at this washer you know what time for a washer change we’re going new washes folks! new washer CB here it goes baby what’s happen on this one? Oh its still in
there all right putting on new washers this should work much better CB you want to do this? expansion joint always goes to the city side
boys now this should work much better new washers hopefully the new result what you can do all right here we go boys
I feel good results coming new washers yeah boy new washers good results baby no leak the city was kind enough to give me a
whole bag of washers Thank You City of Brigantine

11 thoughts on “Water Meter Leaking Washers Replaced

  1. Our meters here in sc are less than a foot deep , But every time you pull the top theres a snake.back in md. They were 42" deep , i dont miss that.

  2. Good ol Brigantine… you guys ever work on well water out there? I installed one of this navien tankless units.. those things are wild.. you like those units? ???

  3. majority of all the meters here are inside the buildings, but there's some in-ground meter boxes spread around and pretty deep down.
    no fun to work on in middle of winter with snow and ice, luckily not too many and it's usually the water departments issue in most places, unless it;s actual broken piping/curb-valve 🙂
    recently I've gave up started drowning anything with threads in "blue dope" and I do mean everything with threads, washers, gaskets, including compression drains and traps. they wont be leaking anytime soon. super tired of fighting chinesium junk, glob it full and wipe excess or not if it's a nasty crawlspace :))

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