Water Meter – Residential Water Meter

Are you looking for a Residential Water Meter? Look no further than Flows.com. We offer a complete range of water meters
for use by homeowners and property managers. From single meters and sub-meters – to advanced
remote reading systems that record usage for up to 2000 meters via wi-fi, and make that
data available from any computer or mobile device. In addition to permanently installed residential
water meters, we also offer garden hose water meters for use when filling ponds and pools,
or for gardening and irrigation. We are the ONLY authorized dealer for our
best selling meters made by Assured Automation, and we carry other leading brands like Neptune,
Master Meter, and more. We only offer top-quality products with proven
success records. Household water meters are available in lead
free brass and plastic… both of which are NSF 61 certified to be safe for drinking water. If horizontal installation is not possible,
it’s no problem. At Flows.com, we also have meters that can
be installed in any orientation. Add a Remote digital display to make meter
reading incredibly easy, especially in hard to reach locations. You can also reset the display’s total with
the push of a button. All residential meters include a low flow
indicator for leak detection. Online ordering is easy and secure, and our
staff of water meter experts are there to answer any questions. We offer same-day shipping on orders placed
before noon Eastern time on weekdays and free shipping for orders over $100! Don’t waste water – don’t get over-charged,
and avoid fines for your water usage! Get YOUR residential water meter today at

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  1. I privately own a 25 unit mobile home park and need a few meters from time to time. I will check out your website. The girl in the video is beautiful and spoke clearly and did great in the add.

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