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Hey Guys Mr Restore Team: We wanted to show you a little bit about how we go about shutting off the water to your house. We have
had numerous clients that wound up having to call 911 in order to get the fire dept out there to shut the water off to the house. We want to make sure we can prevent that from happening. So we are going to show you how that works right now. Typically this is a water meter cover
in the Dallas Metroplex. Some the other offices where we are located,
you have metal covers over the water meter The plastic cover’s little more
difficult to get off in a lot of cases, this particular one has been broken and doesn’t sit on very good, but a lot of them actually require a meter key to open. In this case we can just flip this one
out of here. If you’ll come in and notice, there’s
quite a bit of debris that has washed into this meter box. So sometimes you have to come in here and figure out a way to dig around and find the valve and in this case it still
accessible. In this case you can’t see there’s
actually an arrow on this valve that shows when this meters pointing
that water’s going to the meter or going away from the meter The arrow pointing away for the meter
indicates that in fact the water shut off so we are going to have to do that. In a lot of cases you
find out that have got to get the Crescent wrench down in here and start
trying to turn on this meter sometimes difficult to determine which
direction thats supposed to go so in this case turning it the right
direction make sure that it comes an all-around on
this one turns halfway as far as it goes to cut it off.
Sometimes meters all the way, the arrows all the way away from the meter
this particular case perpendicular actually shut the water off to the house so then the water would not be
flooding our home anymore, whatever the case may be and you can save a lot up gallons of water by knowing how
to find your meter and shut the meter off without having
to call the fire department, because if you gotta wake 3 – 4 minutes for a fire department to arrive
in order to shut your water off. That can be an awful lot announce the water inside your home. So take the time to find where your meter is, take time to figure out how to turn it off occasionally go out and clean out around it so it can be shut off easily. We’ll see you soon.

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