Hello everyone, I’m Jim Daily Daily manufacturing, I’m Here again with you this month to give you some more information and training this is a Seminar that we do both for our own employees and now we’re doing it for a lot of other people as well And you may be watching this live you may be watching us later on Facebook or on YouTube Or somewhere like that, but we’re really glad to bring this information to you today I think we have a very important topic so what are the master nutrient? Why do I call it the master nutrient? Well, it’s simple water is the nutrient that will make all of your nutrients work better Yeah, if you take more supplements you need the water because it will help them be utilized better if you’re Dehydrated you’re not going to utilize your supplements efficiently and we want you to get the most Possible benefit from any supplement you buy from us Now we’ve talked before about nature 7 doctors fresh air good nutrition pure water sunshine exercise rest and power of the mind meditation prayer relaxation things that relieve stress Well these are Really a checklist I use for myself or when I’m talking to other people Because you have to do all of these things right or you’re not going to have optimal health I’ve loved that little book for all my life just about because I really felt like it gave me the information that I needed to make a good foundation for optimal health Now today, we’re talking about Just one of the topics primarily along with nutrition, but the main topic today is dr. Water Now where there’s water. There is life almost always Ok that didn’t work. Let’s go back This is supposed to be rolling ocean waves, but we’re not doing this in PowerPoint. It didn’t work I’m sorry anyway ocean beaches are one of the most inhospitable places on earth in fact You couldn’t live on a beach really because you can’t drink the water and survive as the main trainer said Water water everywhere and not a drop to drink However, there is a lot of life there And if you start looking you’ll see it everywhere in fact any place. There’s water There’s probably life. That’s why astronomers look for life When astronomers look for life they search for water not for life itself so where there is no water as Best we know there is no life there Is life without sunlight Blind cave fish blind cave fish have adapted to living in total darkness and some nutrients come from outside And are carried by the streams of water to those fish However, they themselves are never exposed to Flint’s sunlight, and they can’t see their eyes have sort of withered away But they must have water How about oxygen? well, there’s a picture of a Gastrointestinal tract the gut is teeming with trillions of live bacteria however Many of them are anaerobic they cannot even survive in the presence of oxygen Yet to be active and multiply they do need water they Can be dormant for a long time without water, but they will not survive forever Now I’ll do one little experiment here Let me grab this water And This it looks like sand doesn’t it Well let’s put it in the water, and we’ll just let it sit there for a little while well stir it up And just We’ll place it over here and See what happens? But I can tell you right now water is starting to attack the little particles of sand like material you saw there and But how does that water work? Well we have a picture of it here working on a crystal of salt Water is known as the universal solvent because more things are soluble than water than in any other solvent here you see a salt crystal dissolving in water now the Water has a kind of unique structure it has two hydrogen’s and Oxygen and it polarizes with the Positive charges over where the hydrogen’s are the negative over where the oxygen is and it interacts with a lot of other compounds here those are interacting with Sodium chloride and it’s actually pulling apart those crystals, and then pulling apart the molecule Itself so that the chloride and the sodium are no longer bound tightly to each other instead They’ve become ions Soluble in the water, but that makes them able to work and react with other Ions as well calcium could go in there and bind to that chloride and become calcium chloride For instance magnesium could do the same thing so suddenly? This goes from an inert crystal To a highly active substance, and that’s what water does Throughout your body. It’s the medium in which all of the Enzymes work in which all the chemical reactions in your body take place. They’re all dependent on this solubility in water Now chemical reactions and water occur in plants to occurs in most life Here we see a picture of photosynthesis in a plant a chloroplast their water is essential for the biochemical reaction to make turn hydrogen into oxygen and to make sugars out of The carbons that are there, and we see that actually water participates pretty actively in that reaction you see NADP going NADPH on that slide well that’s because It’s taking a hydrogen from the oxygen From the water molecule and making a higher energy molecule out of it if too much water Gets there however the sub substrates are too widely dispersed and their action slows down To little the reaction is too slow and eventually stops So it has to be the right concentration of water not too much not too little water is also critical for humans and We’ll talk about that first of all water and digestion It’s kind of obvious and and Really, you didn’t have to think too much that water might be important for water soluble vitamins right for minerals things like that that dissolve in water, that’s obvious It’s critical for those things. However. It’s also important for fats Now over on the right you see Block a big yellow blob there that says dietary fat. Well. What is that? It’s a tri. Those are triglycerides Now this will get a little bit Difficult I think for you Maybe but let’s try to get through this what a triglyceride is if you look up above that yellow Dye eteri fat you see the triglyceride molecule on the left going vertically is glycerol now glycerol has three carbons that can attach to Three fatty acids, that’s why they call it tri, glyceride Now that’s most of the fat. That’s stored in your body It’s most of the fat that you eat, so it’s a very common form of fat It’s also because there’s so much fat and so little Glycerol it doesn’t dissolve in water at all however your body’s got to do something with that to make it a Little bit easier to work in the more aqueous environment of the stomach and water is essential in that process So let’s go back down below there you see the dietary fat and right under it is Pancreatic lipase what that does is pulls? one or usually two of those triglycerides off of the glycerol of The fatty acids off the glycerol so no longer a triglyceride. It’s usually a monoglyceride Now the monoglyceride has an interesting Characteristic in that it’s somewhat soluble in water and still soluble in oil Now that’s kind of the first step And I’ll show you how that kind of looks when you get the water and the oil in the body now. This is just water and oil Period now I did this this morning I did two of these this morning for you to see I took water put some food coloring in it green So that you could see the water better, and then oil I put on it And I stirred it around in this Erlenmeyer flask, and you can see it’s completely separated into an oil layer and a water layer So they didn’t mix for long they separated back out and therein lies the problem With fat digestion because it doesn’t mix well in this aqueous environment And it’s not reactive. There’s no enzymes up here in the oil that are doing anything It’s just sort of sitting there, so it’s that’s a problem Now in the stomach however. You don’t usually have just Oil and water, you’d have proteins so I took another one and this was eight hours ago And I poured a little bit of protein in there, I took some Gelatin and jumped the pack in there, and I swirl it up and all mixed together and then You can look at it. You can see just a little bit oil has separated over the last eight hours But here’s a mixture here, that’s sort of whitish in between looking and down below is the water So you’ve got this emulsion in the middle. That’s where things really happen With Fat digestion so you’ve got oil You got water oil and then this fat water emulsion in the middle Now look at the diagram again Because this is going to really show you what happens a little bit better when you get that mixture the Liver really leases pancreatic lipase That’s what broke those triglycerides up that we talked about while ago So that is the next step. I don’t have pancreatic lipase in there, so you can’t see it But you wouldn’t be able to really see it anyway now step two Bile acids you’ve probably heard him to the liver bile so that’s the next step in making the Fat work and water it forms micelles the bile acids work as a surfactant which makes these Triglyceride a diglyceride monoglyceride but primarily myelin glyceride sort of form into a unique sphere that Goes down right to the brush border membrane, which is the bottom there of the? gut and starts releasing their contents those fat micelles are a critical step in the digestion of fat or in the absorption of fat soluble vitamins Micelles are kind of like the packaging for fats now you can see over on the right there You’ve got your triglyceride Indicated your glycerol as that red ball, and then the hydrophobic tail, which is the fatty acid that hates water? as the fat and This forms a hollow sphere not completely hollow, but hollow sphere in which fats can be stored those fats it broke off from the Triglyceride can be stored inside there your vitamin d AE k Coenzyme q10 all these fat soluble nutrients can be stored inside of that little ball there that hollow sphere and then taken down to the Membrane the brush border membrane in the gut and there they can come apart and be taken up and digested and Enter your bloodstream where they’re made into Chylomicrons Into various fat soluble and water-soluble transporters for the gut now Proper absorption of fat therefore is dependent on both fats and water not just fat and That’s a key point a lot of times people feel like if they take Vitamin D for instance in an oil capsule that it’ll be better absorbed and it may be somewhat if you just take that with water that’s not going to work well to take a Fat-soluble vitamin with a glass of water on empty stomach you’re never going to absorb it very efficiently you’ll get some of it But not that efficiently on the other hand if you take it with that oil But you don’t drink water with it. It won’t go through this process of making micelles and It won’t still won’t be absorbed better so really fat soluble vitamins should be Taken with a meal that contains fats proteins remember we need those to get that emulsion we were talking about and with water All together then you can make these micelles in the gut and you can absorb these things obviously Water is obviously very good for digestion, but what else well it turns out kidneys water actually protects the kidneys a study in 192 Florida agricultural workers found that 53 percent were dehydrated when they came to work Now they had to work out in the hot Sun in Florida, so not surprisingly by the end of the work day 81 percent were dehydrated At least once a week 31% Had tested positive for acute kidney injury Which was increased by hotter temperatures due to greater water loss that’s not surprising So we can see that Really getting out working out hard and not getting your water can really harm. Your body your kidneys in particular Now one question that’s come up It doesn’t matter whether the water is cold hot or whatever and that’s a question a lot of people have had Does the temperature of water matter well? There’s not been a lot of studies of that, but there was one study I found that investigated whether someone should avoid Cold water in a hot climate is that too much of a shock for the system, I guess Well they concluded at least that there was no advantage making tepid water and that there might actually be some advantage of lowering body temperature when drinking cold water in a hot environment But most important it was important that The water be palpable palatable so drinking what you like And I’m going to get a drink right now small one my throat tends to get dry Well how about the brain Well the brain needs water, too Now kind of a funny quote here George Bernard saw the great Irish author and philosopher Wrote, no diet will ever remove all fat from the dot from your body because the brain is entirely fat Without a brain you might look good, but all you could do is run for public office Okay well he was maybe right about the last point, but at the first point the Brain is not entirely fat actually the brain is about 78 percent water has more water than just about any other part of the body but Fat does come in second. That’s important in the brain the dry weight of the brain is about 60% fat However, the brain is highly metabolically active and all those metabolic reactions need to occur in that aqueous environment that’s why it has so much water in the brain and dehydration really affects the brain In a mouse study they found that mice lost about 10% of their hydration Of their brains as they aged well 10% hydration is quite a lot and they found that but this happened in all of mice. Is that mice as they aged? they found that synaptic responses in brain of the mice as They got older and as they got dehydrated or about Quite a bit anyway quite a bit slower this They just weren’t quite as sharp as the the young mice however the synaptic response was restored in brain slices when they Rehydrated them it suddenly came back to life, so that’s something to think about as you’re aging. You know. I don’t know if there’s Any possibility that some people with dementia are really just dehydrated. It’s possible I can’t say that for sure. I have not seen that study yet. I’d like to But I haven’t seen that yet, but it is something intriguing and certainly we know that Hydration is important for the brain There was a human study Studying stroke victims and hydration Early neurologic deterioration and sometimes called stroke and evolution Can occur after an acute ischemic stroke you usually think about most of the damage from the stroke? occurring right away when the stroke is is happening Bloods gone and and there’s no blood to the brain and Neurons are dying, but a lot of times after the stroke has been resolved. They’re still continuing deterioration of the brain Well this group decided to look at hydration and see if that Was related to why some patients had that s. Ie stroke in evolution and some did not so they took 445 patients and Tested them after their strokes and tested them for dehydration by measuring urine Specific gravity, and then they rehydrated them if indicated Well it turns out S ie was lower by half in the rehydrated group So that really made a difference in how the people? Did after a stroke and how they survived how they improved well? Take a look just a minute at our Sand what wasn’t sand See how it’s foaming up. It was just the water right about here where my finger is now. It’s foaming up What’s happened is all the little? Yeast in there and what I put in there wasn’t saying it was Fleshman juice like you’d make bread with Okay, so It was a nerd it wasn’t active at all it would seem to be dying and it would die in about a year if You didn’t do something with it however this Has suddenly almost instantly come to life those particles of yeast they suddenly were Broken apart by the water the water got inside the cells the cell started their metabolic Activity and they started multiplying and suddenly we have this big frothing bottle it’s about to come out of the beaker there and of Growing microorganisms, so that’s wonderful Now let’s go back to where we were in this last study remember they checked the hydration of the subjects by measuring specific gravity of the urine Now that’s something you can do if you want to I think if you follow a good plan with drinking water You don’t really need to do that but if you want to if you find it interesting to see you know how hydrated are you after being outdoors and Playing sports all day or working all day or or whatever if you want to test your hydration you’ll need a little bit of equipment You can get a hydrometer to do it and buy one, but if you happen to have one of these little things it’s a graduated cylinder and a Balance to weigh it on scales that can rate, ooh at least two maybe three decimal points In grams you’re in good shape as it turns out pure water weighs one gram Per milliliter or cubic centimeter Now that’s the standard for specific gravity of water. Everything is judged as above or below that when you measure specific gravity now specific gravity of Urine should be a little bit above that of water however It should be less than 1.0. – So if I fill this up with urine – what the 100 Millimeter mark and I measured it correctly and look over on that right hand picture you’ll see kind of a Upside-down Moon shape there Well where you measure that on the line for 100 milliliters in this case in the picture 20 milliliters is the bottom of what they call the meniscus where that you’ll see that the liquid makes a curve due to the Way the OP water attracts to the sides the surface tension So you want to measure it at the bottom of the meniscus? and if you don’t get this pretty accurate you’re not going to get a very good reading, but Put a your urine in there measure that and then you want to weigh it Now if you do a hundred milliliters like that it should weigh less than 102 grams and Which case you’re reasonably well hydrated if it weighs more than 102 grams well that’s a very good indication of Dehydration and what they used in that previous study? Now I could say you must be able to measure in a way accurately to do that Another way you can do that is to get a cup and they make what they call hydrometers And you can put in and there and measure it – they look like They look like Thermometers except they float in the water And you can see that where the water level is and measure it so you can get devices to do it But make sure that you Remember how to use that graduated cylinder accurately? another indicator of dehydration is dark urine now sometimes you can take supplements that will turn your Urine bright yellow That’s not the problem, but if you haven’t taken those recently you have very dark urine that’s a pretty good indication you may be dehydrated So that’s not quite as reliable, but it is reasonably reliable Hydration is also very important for exercise This study looked at hydration Which they defined as more than 2% of body weight loss in water and? You can actually measure your hydration that way too if you’re careful. It’s If you let’s just say it’s a person that weighs 200 pounds Okay, if you after a bout of exercise way below a hundred and ninety-six pounds Because you’ve sweated and done all that Then you will have become dehydrated Now this study Was a blinded study of bicycle performance and dehydrated male subjects or hydrated Exercise performance was tested in the same subjects these are hydrated or dehydrated Dehydration was confirmed by in this case plasma a mile out Osmolality which you probably don’t want to mess with But it’s a very good way of doing it, but you have to draw blood and all that kind of thing Work risk completed was consistently lower in subjects during the dehydrated state now if you look over on the right the top bar shows before and after or How much work they did at the end of the period? total, and you can see there’s a very significant difference that every one of the subjects went from EU on the left is You hydrated and on the right Hypo hydrated which is dehydrated, so you can see a very big difference in the work, which is measured by how much work they can do on a Bicycle that measures their energy input The bottom bars. They show that right at the first there wasn’t too much difference between the two groups But as time progressed it became a bigger and bigger difference of how much they could exercise so you see that dehydration really affects your ability to To do good exercise and to perform at a high level Well, then the question becomes how much should a person drink? well, how safe is water first of all because you don’t want to hurt yourself and Honestly one or two people a year literally die from drinking too much water. This is something that can happen What happens when you do that your body can eliminate about a liter of water per hour if you have good kidney function Okay, that means you’ve got to go to the bathroom a lot, but it can do it however If you start drinking you know a lot more than that Your kidneys don’t get rid of it it goes into the cells of your body your tissues It messes up your electrolytes You can suddenly be urinating out of a lot of electrolytes if you’re doing a lot of exercise you’re losing and through sweat But also you’re diluting them as a cell swell with more and more water, but what really gets people is This happens in the brain too, and the brain can’t swell much without getting into real problems Most people have brain injury and some died from drinking too much water Now as you look at that water is way down the bottom of dangerous things if you look at the top botulism toxin Is not very safe at all it only takes point zero zero zero zero one milligrams to kill fifty percent of the people that Would get that dose, that’s what you call the ld50 rate And that’s pretty bad In fact it is so toxic you could hold enough in your hand To kill everybody on the planet literally now You’d have a hard time too distributing it all equally to them to do that, but you could hold that much Botulism toxin in your hand however we do know that Doctors Give people shots to reduce their wrinkles of botulism so if a really really dilute dose no doubt about it, but there is a level of botulism even that’s Safe and this gets to the first rule for most rule of toxicology. It’s the dose that makes the poison You can see the alpha toxin is a lot more safe than Botulism but still pretty bad, and it will destroy your kidneys vitamin D Looks like it’s pretty toxic there doesn’t it. I mean it comes in pretty early in that but ten milligrams of vitamin D is a huge amount If you translate that into international units that’s 1 million international units So there again dose makes the poison a 70 kilogram man would have to take 70 million international units of vitamin D to reach that ld50 level where 50% of the people would die So you don’t have to worry too much about that that’s not likely to happen although because vitamin D Does have toxic potential that’s one thing that we take extra care in in testing to be sure that we don’t ever get that mixed up because people have gotten into trouble when companies the worst being actually a pharmaceutical company have gotten the calculations wrong and Given people much much higher vitamin D than they were expecting to get and Back probably 30 years ago now several people died from Accidental overdose because of a manufacturing error by a pharmaceutical company, so it can’t happen it has happened But you know it’s very unlikely that people Will die and these accidental type things the only Situations that I’m aware of where people have died from getting too much vitamin D In fact it’s really rare that anyone dies from vitamin D Or even gets sick from it, so don’t worry too much about that, but remember Everything is toxic at some level Everything is safe at some level the dose makes the poison and you really have to concentrate on that Now water could be as problems the ld50 of water that gets up to about 6 quarts It’s quite a bit now if you spread that out over a day It wouldn’t be that toxic probably but if you take that in a short amount of time You’re going to get into trouble in fact drinking even one gallon of water in a short amount of time It’s probably not very good for you It’s likely to do some damage But how much should someone drink back to that question you know when I was growing up we heard eight glasses a day Some people have said 10, that’s what’s in the picture However making a rule of thumb like that really does not make sense It’s logic tells you that 8 glasses per day assumes an 8-year old child Needs the same amount as a you know 200-pound grown man That’s not logical So adjusting for body weight makes more sense If a person Is very overweight however? It should be adjusted downward from body weight because fat does not have much water associated with it so if I weigh a hundred and fifty pounds which is probably my ideal body weight about Then I would need to adjust for that however If I gained a lot of fat and weighed 300 pounds I’d drink twice as much water well. Not really no I should probably drink much closer to what? That hundred and fifty pounds is maybe a little bit more, but not a whole lot now as a general rule of thumb Doctor carry reams and a lot of people agree with him on this including myself Said that half your body weight in ounces It’s what you should get in a day’s time Okay, so if you weigh 150 pounds and you’re not overweight Then that would be 75 ounces per day That’s pretty reasonable You may need to adjust it upward if you’re really outdoors in the Sun all day and getting dehydrated Then you probably do need to adjust it upwards, but unless you are in some kind of extreme conditions That’s about right However some people may have trouble keeping track of how much they drink well, we’ve got a solution for you and These just came in now these are water bottles That are actually pre measured in four ounce increments. You can see up here 32:28 4 ounce 24 ounce so if you fill this up to here you need And a half an hour you drink this much half an hour drink that much because again dr. Kary dreams Recommended drinking 4 ounces of water every 30 minutes until you’ve gotten your right amount for the day So that’s going to help you these nice Poly pure mountain sports bottles are safe for your water and For most people two things of this a day will be about what you need So this has everything you need for measuring your water consumption I like to keep one home in one here actually because I have a Bad habit of walking off and leaving them so what I do Is I’ll fill up the one home in the morning And I’ll get it down two or three places before I leave and that’s fine when I come back I’ll finish it meanwhile during the day I’ll do one of these whole bottles at work and that works for me But you come up with your own system and as a bonus on this other side. There’s all these instructions how much water to drink How to do it, so if you don’t remember what I said you can read it all right here and Boy look at how our inert Material is growing in that water, so those little cellular organisms really love water just like We do But you Know water is so important it saturates our entire body it makes everything work and a Lot of people talk about detoxification There’s nothing that detoxifies your body Better than proper hydration because you’re able to take all of these Toxins all the salts all the leftover protein Debris, they’re all able to flush out of your body properly if you have plenty of water, so There’s nothing I think more important for your health Than to get the right water and the right amount of water We recommend distilled water which is a purest and cleanest you can get it does not flush Minerals out of your body as some people will tell you That doesn’t happen, but it does give you clean pure water that will keep you healthy and make those vitamins you take from us work, and I thank you for being with us today and Come back next month. We’ll have another talk for you I don’t know what it’ll be yet, but look forward to talking to you again and good bye You

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