Wavetronix Ramp Meter Solutions by UDOT

A safe, efficient freeway system is the
dream of motorists and traffic engineers everywhere. That dream falls apart during
rush hour and other periods when increased traffic can bring gridlock, backups and accidents. Metered on-ramps are a proven ITS tool to maximize safety and efficiency on freeways, on-ramps and even surface
streets. it does this by controlling the flow of
traffic on to freeways thereby increasing speeds while reducing
accidents and gridlock of course the effectiveness have any
metered on ramp is only as good as the day be used to drive it at Wayne Tronix we design and create
reliable non-intrusive radar base traffic sensors
that provide the best possible data for me to grab systems and other it´s applications because
every rap is different with tracks works with consoles and DOT’s to ensure that every RAM metering
solution that we offer accurate reliable in this example the
Utah Department of Transportation needed metering at this on-ramp to
interstate 15 near the city Lehigh this section of freeway is always
crowded during rush hour so you got programmed the ramp metering
system to turn on during certain hours in the morning and evening when the rent
is being metered traffic signals on the ramp are
activated the signal is controlled by smart sensor matrix it wait on its radar device that
generates 16 separate beams to create a one hundred forty fort ninety-degree field the this system uses
to meet Rick sensors the first matrix detects vehicles at the
stop bar as vehicles approached and as they
accelerate to the mainline vehicle information is forwarded to the
signal to contact closures and the timing and the signal is
proactively controlled in real time by the position a vehicle’s at the stop
bargain to make sure the cubicles form through
on-ramp monitoring does not extend to surface streets more
detection is needle on the on ramp in this situation you got uses another
matrix answer if the queue gets too long this second
matrix will tell the signal to increase the rate at which cars enter
the freeway thus insuring vehicles don’t cue back onto surface streets in all aspects of traffic monitoring work together to ensure any fish in ramp
metering system in another example you dot needed to
meet her this ramp near South Draper unlike the rap nearly hi this section of
freeway has more unpredictable traffic patterns and requires a different approach here you got uses the original smart sensor
and smart sensor HD to continuously measure freeway speeds
and occupancy for up to twenty two lanes of traffic if
occupancy levels reach a specific threshold a signal is sent to you gots traffic
operations center and metering begins automatic regardless
of the time of day the frequency light cycle is controlled
by the occupancy level the freeway the more crowded the freeway is the
longer the red light cycle becomes here too matrix sensor detects vehicles
on the on ramp to ensure the traffic you doesn’t back up onto surface streets in
all steps at the ramp metering process it is important to use the smartest
solutions for traffic detection available that we’re trying to expire technology
is radar base that allows us to be non intrusive and
provide accurate reliable detection and already here systems way tronic smart sensors are
simple to install and take just a few minutes to set up
they require little to no maintenance and our easy to adjust should the need
arise by using smart sensor HD and smart sensor matrix cool vehicle
detection you can create a smart proactive ramp metering system that
makes the dream up fast see any mission freeways the reality
contact your local authorize we try next dealer or visit we
try next dot com to learn more about our smart sensor products today

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