Wayne H. lost 104 lb. with TOPS

My name is Wayne Holden I’m from Phoenix
Arizona and I joined tops about seven years ago I belonged to AZ 488 A friend
of mine in the group was very encouraging and I lost my weight because
if she an app she told me about and it kept I kept track of what I was eating
with that and my exercise and realized that by keeping a close eye on what I
was doing every bite I take I put in there because I’ve always got the phone
or the tablet or the computer with me somewhere so I’m just using that. And that
worked out really well to keep track of things before that I was writing
everything down a little journal that I got at school and when the page got full
I would stop eating this wasn’t the most efficient of all possible diets because
I could write real small so once I started keeping track of it actually it
became a lot more efficient and I lost a lot faster it took me about four years
to get to my goal weight but I was really pleased with the results and I’ve
changed my eating habits in doing that and just a really great group they’re
very supportive and didn’t matter whether you went up or went down they
were always there to for you you know and our talks each week someone gives a
different presentation there was tons of stuff you could just little bits like
one guy a priest mentioned that he would lay his fork down between bites and I go
what an exotic concept because I shoveled it in like a steam shovel you
know a meal for me is 15 or 20 minutes and I thought well if I slowed down I
might actually get full before I finish eating instead of 30 minutes afterwards
and I go oh I overdid that but just other talk so that people this would
come up with different ideas that really helped.

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