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Sir, your order please One lime juice, how about you? Even I need one Make it Two Is she your wife sir? How does it seems to you? A little Bulk Dude.. Sir, you only asked my opinion.. Guys two lime juice for this table Sorry! Pls don’t mistake He Misunderstood Its ok! Since childhood I got used to this. Even I like Lime juice since my childhood May I know, why do you want to proceed for our marriage alliance? hmmm..ladies first! You tell me.. You are well qualified, in a good job, from a nice family too..what more ? U need a reason more that Hmm..You also look very chubby like me..? Yeah, Chubby has Hubby hidden in it! Right.. No, we look good together as a pair, is what my parents feel. Dont you want a slim, trim and dapper guy like virat kohli? Whatever we wish need not happen sometimes Its okie Yeah. Even Kanju Karuppu got eliminated last week Why didn’t try for a girl like Keerthi suresh? Sure if Keerthi Suresh too agrees you are humourous. Jokes Apart.So, we are not going to live a life we wanted, but what we have got? I don’t understand.. Are You sure. Lime Juice is alone enough? This table may need Biryani in some time Ok, can we see our basic 10 matches? Yes pls. From being a toddler to your 5th standard,every relative who visits you, would have pinched your chubby cheeks & irritated you . Yes.. Your parents, would have fed you with a lot of snacks in childhood, but now when you take one extra chips, they would see you weired Yeaaaas.. Even though you are first rank holder, if someone’s lunchbox is stolen, they will stare at you first..? Correct They wont make us play active sports. They will give us chess or carrom! We will only get Caught first , in hide & seek also ! I love playing cricket, but they will send me as a last batsman. In football, only goal keeper..how about you? Its not sports for me, It was annual day nightmares. I am always lord ganesha or Demon role in dramas. Even in group Photos I want to stand at back to escape. But they make me sit in the front and embarrass me. No friend will take us on their cycle. If we have cycle, they will see the tyres when we come My dad will drop me in bike. For that too, they see the tyres (Oh, your dad is also xxl,)anyways lets go to college I will tell now. We will be in a friends gang. Where they will discuss every problem with us, they don’t listen when we give solution yes. For love matter we will be there. For any quarrels, we will be peacemakers. When everything goes on smooth, they wont even call us. Same treatment in girls college too? Basically, they will take us along, to make them look slim Brilliant. You are in form, continue.. When the go to beach, park,cinema, they will take us along. They will take money from us. They wont give back also. If we ask, they will give a big bear hug and escape. They will not call us for any tour or trek But they would lend money for us.. Guess Why We are good people. Because, we cant run & we cant hide.hahaha hahaha..am not getting laughter. Dont get emotional. When we go to hotel, they will order extra rice & sambar to us, give a look like they helped us Oh man! Am tired of it.! Apart from it, any marriage or functions we go, they will give us weight reduction advice! That too exactly when we eat.. They think, only weight reduction can make everyone win. There are many fat people in abroad. They are fit too! If we tell that, they will say its because of diet In Foreign Countries Many are Fat and Fit… But the world believes them to be on diet Every one wants to be in proper diet, but the economics and moneyflow of everyhousehold is different At this age, how my mom can cook for me alone. We are a family of 5. All are working. I have also tried a lot Internet suggests every new diet a day. I dont Know which one to follow. I also did a check with doctor. Every thing is normal. But a slim friend of mine has got bp, sugar and all. People don’t read about genetics at all. Hope office is good to you.. Haha, Thats where the climax is. People generally avoid getting in a cab along with me. When the lift shows overweight, everyone looks at me Infact, I would be the first person to get in. We are getting tired, in making them understand we are healthy I hate this discrimination. We are also human beings. I assume we are lazy. We too have heart and brains like everyone. We also comeup like them, which they don’t understand. Even now we ordered lime juice, but the server looked us indifferently Leave him. My name is Neelakanda. Since a kid, I am always called Neelagundan. Am sorry! why dont you reduce your weight for your healthy living. If I ask the same question to you. See, women have a lot of problem, like thyroid, hormonal imbalance. For men whats the problem? Who said we don’t have problems. Our adulthood begins with catching our college bus and 6, continued with late hours work, staggered timings, onsite oppurtunties makes our routine spoiled. We couldn’t even diet properly Didnt you try gym ? Yes I tried. But I am getting advice from everybody like a bowler bowling last over. Its so damn frustrating. Ok enough of emotions! What about our marriage? I think we have a common wavelength. No, this is common problem. If we get married, this society will make fun of us as a pair. Then what to do? If we get kid which is chubby, that will also be made fun ? is it ok? Still..we cant live if we hear all that.. Even we have excellent living, if our size exceeds XL, the advisors will torture us. To escape, I started making fun of myself. So what should I tell my folks? We are not slippers to be paired according to size. If we agree to this marriage, its like we agree to the myth that a fat fellow should only get a fat girl. Why don’t we go to gym after marriage to reduce and live happily.. Assuming, if you had gone to gym and reduced weight now, will you consider me? Honestly,I dunno. ..but difficult only. Its same with me! Again am telling, there in no use in living a life we got, than a life we have always wanted. So sorry!! Good luck! We are the Easiest Gundus to findout in this world…But, we blast everyday so much internally Ask your friends who are like us. They wont tell the hurts you give, but live with a smile always.In that sense, from the heart we are Big, boss!

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  1. hey superya ithukum enkum sammantham illa but rasichen but one think ithe matiri enna pola rmpa Leena irukura sis and brotgerskaga oru video podungapa veliya ponale pakuruvangallam sapiduvaya mataya, unga vetla soru poda matangala ipdi Elam kepanga then sometimes unku udambula ethavathu problamanu vera kepanga ethavathu nalla tighta nalla Dress panna elumbu thundu thuni suthina matiri iruka oothuvarthi Ku dress pota matiri irukanu rmpa nakkal panuvanga sooooooo sad……

  2. love the final dialogue 🙂 Ninacha valkaiya vaalama, kidacha vaalkaiya valrathu life eh illa !!!

  3. very bad concept. Body shaming is bad, but why is it bad for two people of the same body type to get married and make goals to lose weight together? They looked like they had a good conversation and could totally relate to each other and influence each other to become better physically and emotionally. That's an inspirational idea and concept you could have used to make this skit. Also the last dialogue by that guy makes no sense at all. He is pretty much saying, don't make any efforts if you want something you desire in life. sitting around is not going to take you to dream girl. Bad try Madras meter Next time put some thought into it.

  4. Honestly, I am also fat, and this video was just heart touching.
    The difficulties are not caused by our bodies but by the perception of the ppl seeing us.
    In reality,no one is perfect, everyone has a defect….
    So learn to accept and respect all equally…….
    Thanks a lot for this video👏👏👏👏

  5. now a days people are like that only. manase eva pakuraaaaa…………….. Good concept and its similar to all sort of people………

  6. I am an Ardent follower of Madras Meter! After the mantras, if you ask me for my favourite, Idha dhan solluvaen! last 2 minutes were amazing! superb video!

  7. கிடைச்ச life வாழுறது வாழ்க்கை இல்ல… நினைச்ச life வாழுறது தான் வாழ்க்கை…

  8. naanum oru kaalathula romba kunda irundhen pasanga lam kalaipaanga oru ponnum madhikaadhu andha verila odamba korachean ippo oru alavuku fit a irukean nalla vela neenga 1. year ku munaadi indha video podala potrundha yennoda nilama 😂😂😂 Over all this is very nice video

  9. Even I was fat from childhood .everything that girl said happened to me. Now I reduced I went to gym now all guys with six packs are after me. Its even more difficult when your siblings are good looking. Everyone has something to tell us all hypocrites. Specially those aunties as if I'll never get married no matter how well I studied became independent he was not happy. Nice video guys 👍nice message don't settle for the life you get but live the life you want..kudos guys👍

  10. aye.. this is so good. but trust me having the title big boss got ppl to watch this video than anything else. worst! hoping ppl learn from..

  11. bro I'm arun plzz contact me 7010187804 I need ur help dat is I wish to do a awarnes about society so da I need ur help bro plzzz

  12. This video mocks itself. In the end, you too only justified the concept of "judging the book by the cover". Contrary to popular belief, body shaming isn't just about insulting someone based on looks… It's the very thought itself that fat or black is "BAD"… You only reaffirmed that it's "OK" to judge someone by their looks as long as you don't joke about it. WRONG.

  13. Very observant of you Mr.Balaji. I've not seen a similar video that shows the stereotypical mind of the society towards the obese people. They do get hurt inside but peer pressure makes them hide it. Great work man!

  14. Don't say that thin people have diabetes and sugar . I'm thin and people often make fun of me and say a lot of bad thing about me and I'm a boy which make it even worse .thin people just have high metabolism and fat people have low metabolism its not their wish to look thin or fat . for me people ask my mom that weather she doesn't feed me . some people keep nick names for me and often make fun that I'm very tall and thin .verbally bullied by the teacher's and students most of the year so I had to wear jacket most of the year in the hot country UAE . they hold my hand remove my sleeves and check my hand thickness . it hurts very much .don't make fun of any one like this if you happened to be doing .let them do their job . and I'm not accusing every one and even some people are Good . thx for reading . BTW I'm just living in UAE and I'm actually from TAMIL NADU (sorry for bad English)

  15. super bro I am also fat my brother also teas me I feel very bad now I seen this video this is amazing bro thankyou

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