Alright Lydia, give me the details how much was the final cost of the snow $11,000 Today we are shooting a music video at my house well finishing the Christmas distract at my house And I don’t even think Brendan knows this we shift 30 tons of snow to my house 30 to 30 tons Bro 60,000 pounds winter wonderland in California who’s doing it broke them every movement, baby Okay, obviously you guys know we’re lit with the strongest family on YouTube so make sure to subscribe literally punch the button in the face Through me. Let’s give it a nice little tap, but there’s a lot of stuff going down today. Anyways right now in this studio I made a song my boy Frank Frank had this idea show you It was so easy Oh Man what a good start to the day So beautiful he’s done it again All right Let’s go playing so we had to park the cool bus outside cuz the snow is taking up the entire driveway braum Nervous go get the ice job You’re wonderland weirdest thing ever see snow in California Case Oh Lydia sent me this picture of this snow. I was like wow Lydia That’s great, but what am I not a maverick Lydia? Who I had her have these guys go back and get some more snow 30 tons more guys. This is like SEVIS Yeah, obviously look. It’s dope it’s just not enough cuz that’s just not how we do things can I ask how much? no cost $10,000 Just giant shove him into a grinder. It’s a wood chipper on steroids. It’s my neighbor The neighbors love is in the low guy has Bert No, this is crazy Honestly vlogging so if this is my new job Wow No hi guys, I’m from Ohio is amazing know what I’m realizing though. I forgot snow is cold. I’m getting cold I have the perfect solution So soft, it’s warm winters coming up. You miss the Black Friday Cyber Monday sale don’t worry It’s okay, still be a maverick copy Merkel male cop I’ll burn link in description lot of people are joining the Maverick movement at this point It’s like like who’s not any type of situation anyways realize when I’m spring snow Doing right now. I go. That’s this kid Could’ve easily killed mom But she looks like worse. We call her mama cuz she’s pregnant I feel so bad if I killed mama Hi guys, this sucks kind of sad, but I think it’s safe to say I’m was gone Rose. He’s dead Don’t know that I know I just wanted to roll the montage I’ve been waiting for that moment she could be alive guys I don’t know, but we got more importantly yo, this is the second truck they have another truck run three truck for jocks Kill the houses look we got our Christmas stuff out crackers and watch your balls Doing it bro doing it forest bag as with most of the things in my life I tend to think of the consequences after the fact all like let’s take this garage door for example. There’s no There’s no brain in this garage door brace, bro. That’s my title the thumbnail I’m a your oppressor that it’s holding this farm. Yeah, look. Well. I don’t see any leaks I do nice Security camera to capture the action, it’s about to go change read job job Look up all that counselors shop right out for today first. Yo Kong is not a Midwest dog He’s never seen snow when I got this dog I promised I would give him the most exciting life ever so if a young doggy guys. She’s never seen snow ever oh This is hilarious it really has no idea what starts a Cali dog on that snow. Can you say snow? No, it’s okay your dog. I get it you can just get off of you. Oh, oh Be free my little maverick dog He’s cold, I never loved me Oh Baby, the red is bad yo, and I got makeup on I’m Hollywood right now. Yo I’m fakers. I’m glowing Rendon Okay, look I’ve been is dressing up as an elf right now, so we have to decorate my house So it looks like the North Pole to get all this cute stuff. We got rolling to north here Judy topper this It’s the boy This looks like the North Pole I Mean yeah that helps, but like oh you should fight him Okay the first seat is up as you guys know it gets dark at like 1 p.m. 4 p.m.. Here we have about an hour to shoot. We’re just gonna start banging it out Such a troublemakers now it’s time to pull the big boy in I’m talking about that Yeti, baby Inaudible laughter Really cool. Oh my god I think we put a big red bow on the front we had some snow to the Yeti gonna make it’s gotta make it snow Let’s do it. This is beautiful literally. We call the Yeti cause it’s an abominable snowman, and I’m covering the Yeti in snow She got that ice how much was that y’all that Isis? You’re doing good that time It’s getting dark out But it’s time for the epic group shot all gonna get in it’s just dance for that new maverick red drummer, John, baby Y’all know, ever was the hottest person in the game Yo christmas dis track feel bad for my Victor like seriously no holding BAM coming for you. You know who you are Californian Friday, did you come to Minko or did you come to chinko? You know? Baby it’s cold Code right Lydia give me the details how much was the final? Yeah, you subscribes are in the low game hey, not a part of the family subscribe now This man’s a legend shot the most epic music video ever top your math merch guys You can still get it even if you mister say a long pause icon slash shop or link and description Investment you’re gonna put it on and you’re gonna be like damn. I’m hot and I’m soft at the same damn It’s a good feeling it’s like it’s like after you take a shower And you clean it here with a q-tip it’s kind of like that quickly also I want to say well after we do this no thing I went on the street, and it came across one of my neighbors There was a huge snowstorm you Just missed it was crate. Yeah, look. It’s crazy stay safe. Stay warm The song is family on you, too, if you’re not a part of the Logan you suck lol turning pint acdemy i the best scholl

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