We Put 10 Million Orbeez in Our Backyard Pool!

If you let a handful
of dry spitballs soak in a glass of
water for a few hours, you’re left with a bunch
of squishy, bouncy orbs in place of the water. So how cool would be 10 million
spitballs into a backyard pool? Ooh Whoa, that’s weird Whoa! Yea! This is totally a thousand
dollar an hour spa treatment. Arg! Ooh dang! Oh! Arg Erg Oh no Ah! Er Mm hm Yes Yes Oh it’s so thick! Woohoo I’m coming over to you. You’ll take about 10
minutes to get over here. Oh my gosh, I feel
like I’m trapped. I’ve been encapsulated. Come on! Faster! Joey’s the winner! Well, if you want to
throw a party Vat10 style, or maybe just throw
some spitballs, visit Vat19.com and
shout for hundreds of curiously awesome products. [THEME SONG] VAT19.com For more of us going to
the extreme with our gifts, check out these videos for
Magnetic Thinking Putty and The Giant Soccer Ball. And share this one
with your friends so they can party
Vat19 style too.

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