We Tried The 30 Day Water Challenge

– You should always drink that much water. – Yeah, but I don’t. – Right, but that’s why you have bad skin. (lively music) – My current relationship with water is that I love playing in
it, I love the way it looks. Do I put it inside me, no. – I should be drinking more water, I’m trying but it’s not that easy. – Water’s so good for you but I know, but it doesn’t matter I don’t like it. It tastes like garbage, I mean it doesn’t taste like garbage, but
it doesn’t taste good. – Drinking water is one of the most basic things you can do and I’m bad at it. It’s like being bad at breathing which I also am because I have asthma. – There are multiple days that go by where I’m confident I don’t drink any water. – So, for 30 days I’m gonna try and drink eight glasses of water a day. Which sounds really easy but
I know is not going to be. – The eight, eight ounce glasses rule, it’s just easy for people to remember. – I am a little skeptical about it but there most be something about it. – I’m hoping that my mood
will be nice and even. – Maybe I won’t eat as much. – I’m excited to have
that Halle Berry skin where I look 12 but I’m really 70. I think she gets it from water. – Week one was actually I
feel almost the easiest week. So, this is my third out of
four glasses for the day. I’m doing pretty good I feel like. I was really committed and
devoted and I was waiting for my skin to start
glowing and I was waiting. (video squeaks) So bad right now, I can’t even function. – All right hold on, honestly, a lot happened over the month. We didn’t really understand why all these changes were taking place. So, we decided to bring in a water expert who could actually tell us
why things are happening to our body and whether it
was even related to water. Because water’s not like
a miracle elixir, right? I’m here with Albert Matheny. – Do you just walk around
looking this fit all the time? – It’s my job, I’m an exercise physiologist and registered dietician. – Oh, you’re like a billboard
for yourself, brilliant. – How much water should
people really drink? I mean some days I’m like, oh God, I have to do this for a month? I have to drink all this water. – For such a simple thing,
it’s actually really hard to do and I don’t think that anyone is getting the right amount of water. I think we all should just have IVs that we walk around with
that we just pick up. – For the average person, 64 ounces, enough not to cause problems. So, it’s not a bar that I would shoot for. You should go above that. – Oh no.
– Yeah, so more water. – Oh, I failed. – This was so hard and it is the low bar for us.
– Drinking that much water. And I would say anywhere between eight and if you’re an active, larger
person that’s outside a lot, especially if you work
outside, you could easily be double that, no questions,
15 cups or so, yeah. – Yeah, I wasn’t prepared
for that information. – [Woman] What are the
health benefits of water? – My moods super improved,
I spring out of bed, and I wake right up, it was shocking. I’m a fairly pleasant person,
when men were trying it, I didn’t really get as annoyed, I was more just like, whatever. But it’s definitely shot up
my energy and my happiness. Waking up was a lot easier and also falling asleep was a lot easier. – It’s really surprising
how much drinking some water can make you feel better. Next time you’re like,
man I need a coffee, a lot of times if you
just drink some water, you’re gonna feel more energized. – If I didn’t drink any water at all, would I be 60 by the time I’m 30? I will say one of the happy side effects is I’ve been having
really great skin days. So, I haven’t been wearing make up at all. So, I’ve just been going fresh faced. Didn’t really feel like I needed it. I felt like my skin was
looking good, I just felt good. – When I was looking in
the mirror in the morning, I did feel I looked a little
brighter, or youthful. – Basically water helps
hydrate all your tissues and skin’s your largest organ. If you’re staying hydrated
your skin should have nice elasticity and some give to it. And if you’re really dehydrated, it’s gonna be tighter and
more prone to being dry. Water in general, should be helpful for your skin to be supple. If you’re chronically dehydrated, the chances of your lips
being chapped are pretty high. – [Woman] So, how would I know
if I’m clinically dehydrated? – I’ve been drinking a lot
today and I’m still thirsty. – I notice I’m more thirsty
if I don’t drink enough. It’s difficult, I try. – Basically, any time you feel thirsty, it means you’re already
kind of dehydrated. – Okay.
– So, hopefully we’re drinking before that. – [Woman] I always use to get,
like I’d have one cocktail, and I’d be hungover. – [Man] This allowed you to drink more. – Oh my God and I was fine. I went out with my friends
last night, we drank a lot. With the amount that we drank, I anticipated today being
awful and a useless day. And I feel 100% okay, I feel fine. I wouldn’t even know that I drank. I woke up at my usual time, I’m tired, but I’m not hurting the
way that I have in the past and that’s bonkers to me. – Staying hydrated, it
helps you kind of regulate or just know when you’re actually hungry verse when you’re just thirsty. Hey, I don’t want to have eight drinks like I usually do ’cause I
really wanted to have four and I just end up having eight
’cause that happens a lot. So yeah, the water alternation
between drinks is nice. – So you drink what you’re
supposed to drink in water. – [Man] I drink a lot of fluids. – How much time do you
spend in the bathroom? I have to pee so bad right
now I can’t even function. – I literally just went to the bathroom 30 minutes ago or an hour ago. Feel like I have to go again,
it’s like you’re just going revolving door between
you and the bathroom. – Three glasses of water
in and I really have to pee, I have to pee. This is so much pee. – I hate using public restrooms and this water challenge has created this urgency for me to pee. I imagine this is what
it’s like to be pregnant. – Trying to find a bathroom, I’ve gone to three separate places, they
don’t have public restrooms because in cities they don’t do that. – Maybe changing the
timing of consumption. Guys have bigger bladders. – I found that when I was
drinking a lot of water I was having two, three,
bowel movements a day. – Yeah.
– Is that the norm? Am I just not pooping usually enough? I just spent 50% of my
time in the bathroom. Those bowel movements are
just sliding right out. So, it seems like hydration
helps with everything. – The water is helping things run smoother through my system. It helped me have regular BMs and that really saved my butthole. – It’s gonna make you
go to the bathroom more because you think about how
you don’t have enough water it’s gonna be really compact
and dry inside of you and take a long time to get out but if you have water it’s
a much more fluid process. – Oh right, so you just gave
a free constipation remedy. – Yeah, no totally that.
– Just chug a bunch of water. – That’s a massive benefit, is just moving stuff through your system. – [Woman] Drinking a substantial amount of water, can you lose weight? – I did notice that I
was drinking the water so that I wasn’t grabbing food and I was more concerned
about having the water. – Oh, I’m drinking this water. So, I guess I don’t need to
put all that trash in my body. I’ve been weighing
myself and it did waiver. First week, I lost four pounds
so I was actually expecting to be like this is gonna keep going just with water but no, it evened out. But still, in the end
I had lost six pounds. – Indirectly, you’re allowing your body to pass more waste so maybe you
were backed up or something. Someone may be like, wow
I just lost four pounds and they hadn’t gone to the
bathroom for a number of days. It might help you better understand when you’re actually hungry and that might help you lose weight ’cause you– – You’re not over eating. – Yeah, yeah, you’re not
gonna be over eating. A healthy change like that
a lot of times it makes you more self-aware and
more in tune with your body. If you’re properly hydrated,
you’re not gonna get false hunger cues about,
oh I feel thirsty, which is really a similar
feeling to when you feel hungry. – Is that normal to feel so bloated? I am dealing with water babies. The little sponges that come in the pills and you put ’em in the
water and then it just turns into a huge massive
thing, I just expanded. – ‘Cause when you’re really
hungry, you drink water, it makes you feel like a
fishbowl in your belly. – I can’t sit down for a long time because it’s so tight and unbearable. I had to unzip the waist of my skirt a little bit because I couldn’t breathe. – That usually plays a
role with how much salt you’re also consuming ’cause
your body’s gonna hold onto the water if your salt
consumption’s pretty high ’cause we talked about you’re trying to maintain this balance
of salt to water ratio. So, if you’re eating a
pretty high salt diet, then your body is gonna
retain a lot of water. – Will I get dependent on
drinking all of this water? It was like, oh I have to drink the water but then I changed my tune. Just came from my dance lesson and I’ve got my water bottle here. So, I had to go to a dance weekend and I certainly drank a lot of water ’cause I was dancing a lot. – I was so thirsty throughout class and usually I wouldn’t even bring water. So, I guess I’m getting addicted to water? (laughs) – I think in a good
way, you might feel like wow this is making me feel
better, I have more energy, or I’m not feeling as hungry all the time. It keeps doing homeostasis
and wants to even things out. So, if you’re chronically dehydrated, it can kind of adjust to it. So, if you’re giving it more water and you’re feeling better
then yeah, I think so. – So, I will become addicted? – Yeah, in a very positive way. (laughs) – I know water’s important
and that guy was so buff and he was like, yeah water’s important. So, you know it’s true. – The National Academy of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine
said the adequate daily fluid intake is 11.5
cups of fluids a day for women. – I feel like my skin
just felt really lustrous. I felt my abs and muscles just in general, I could feel them and they
felt a little tighter. And so, I felt better. – I’m glad that I tested it to see that okay, this is really the outcome and now I won’t feel so guilty when I have a really shitty day and all
I drink is Diet Coke all day. There’s no point in being stressed out about consuming water. – Remembering to drink that much is very hard and I still
think it’s very hard. Yes, there wasn’t too
much difference in my skin before and after but I think
I’m gonna keep doing this and maybe in a few months I
will see a bit of a difference. – Well, if I want to
recommend this to a friend, you need to do it with a positive mindset. I mean, it could help you lose weight but it’s not the reason to do it. It might make you just feel good. I can’t believe really there is a little bit of a change here, wow. My skin does look dewier. (laughs) I’m really happy I did the challenge. – Literally, it’s just been good to me. So, I’m gonna keep doing it. Drink water people, just
drink some Goddamn water! (light music)

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