We Tried To Gain 2 Pounds By Eating A 2 Pound Burrito

– Hi, I’m Ella and I’ve always
wondered where does food go? Like if I ate, I don’t know, a two pound burrito,
would I gain two pounds? I tried to Google it and I couldn’t find any answers. So we got an actual two pound burrito here and I’m gonna eat it and we’re gonna find out. So we asked Chipotle to give us a two pound burrito and this is what we got. But I wanna weigh it just to make sure. Two pounds, six ounces, or I guess that says five.
– Yeah. – Two pounds, five ounces. Eh, it’s close enough. So I’m gonna weigh myself
before this experiment and then I’m gonna weigh myself later on in the day, but I’m gonna make sure I wear the same exact outfit so that everything is the same. It’s for science. So here we go. Okay, 130.2. Okay, so will I be 132
at the end of the day? I’m excited to find out. I would also like to say that I don’t think people should eat this much food. Okay, like this is too much. I’m comfortable doing this for science but I also don’t recommend
that anyone does this. Oh my god, this is the biggest burrito I’ve ever seen in my life. I don’t know how much of this I’m going to actually be able to eat. I’ll do my best though. Okay, I just spilled some burrito out. Mm, it’s good though. I’m trying to eat it
fast so I don’t get full. No doctors or scientists could weigh in before I did this, right? No one had any answers? This is the only solve we had (laughs). Had a few bites, I’m gonna measure. It’s one pound and 13.2 ounces. So some of that went into me. Now I’m weighing. It seems like I went up a little. I’m now 130.6. That seems crazy. All right I’m gonna keep
eating this burrito. You know I was skeptical but maybe I guess it has to go somewhere. But I’m really falling off the wagon, I’m just trying to be healthy. (screams) Let’s keep going. It’s science, you guys. I feel like I’ve eaten about half. You guys, wow. I’m like kinda disturbing
myself a little bit. I didn’t think I could eat, I was like “I probably could eat a quarter, “like maybe four bites.” I can eat a lot, I guess. Coming to the end of my rope. I feel like I’m warm now. Sweating. Okay let’s weigh this. Eight ounces. Now I’m gonna weigh me. 31.6. So I have to account for the fact that I’m gonna be drinking water. So, this water weighs 15.2 ounces. Let’s see, I mean I’m just gonna drink it ’cause I’m very thirsty. Feels good to be drinking water. Well now I’m 132.8. So clearly the water did add something. I think this is a thing, you guys. I think that if you gain weight based on how heavy the food is. So I’ve been eating this two pound burrito for awhile, I have eight ounces left. I’m gonna call it there because I’m not ridiculous. I definitely gained the burrito weight. The burrito weight is here. So it’s the next morning and I’ve gone back to my original weight of 130. To be fair, I didn’t end up eating much for the rest of the day
because I was so full. So I really think that this experiment proves that the weight
of what you’re eating actually impacts your weight. You probably digest most
of it throughout the day. So what this really goes to show is that what we put in our body
is really important and we should be more mindful of that. (lively music) The things you do for science, you know? I’m a scientist.

100 thoughts on “We Tried To Gain 2 Pounds By Eating A 2 Pound Burrito

  1. Ever heard of conservation of mass? Jeez, I'm literally a preteen and I could have predicted this. smh

  2. I got so high once I ate a 1.5 pound steak and lots of sides, probably added up to 2 pounds but I was still hungry hahaha, I was so high

  3. the only think I enjoyed about this video was literally her struggle to eat the burrito

  4. This is a simple transfer of weight. You eat the food and the weight of the food goes into the amount of lbs you weigh.
    Itโ€™s not rocket science. The burrito doesnโ€™t have enough time to digest fully if you donโ€™t wait to weigh yourself.

  5. Just remember the law of conservation of mass: โ€œMatter cannot be created or destroyed.โ€ This will prove that the mass of the burrito canโ€™t just disappear. Therefore, this experiment could work, as youโ€™ve seen in the video.

  6. It's the calorie content that matters later on. Of course right after eating it, that weight would be added on. Like you could eat 12 pounds of lettuce, right after you'd weigh 12 pounds after. It's the same as if you held the burrito in your hands while on the scale before eating

  7. No wonder……


  8. so if you out a 2 pound object into another object, it gains two pounds? oh wow, who would of known. wtf did you think was gonna happen was it just gonna disappear out of you?!??!?!

  9. Me and my dad each got a 2 pound burrito and I ate mine and half of his lol gotta train to handle that much

  10. How did you… You are dating… I thought she was… Why are you.. Mmmmmm hOW CAN ONE BE SO CLUELESS๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜‚NO hate I just think this was hilarious

  11. This is bulshit.if you eat 7000 calories more than you need you gain 2 pounds of fat.And that burrito probaby has 2000 calories

  12. You consume the food. You gain the weight. Water is peed out. Fiber is pooped out. Calories are stored and burned by bodily functions.

  13. The weight of the burrito is sitting in her stomach which is causing her to weigh more but it doesnโ€™t means sheโ€™s actually gaining fat

  14. No you wouldn't gain two pounds. Your body would get rid of a lot of it and that's just not how it works. Do I need to explain it

  15. I guess there is a reason why she doesn't work for buzz feed anymore ๐Ÿคท๐Ÿฝโ€โ™‚๏ธ

  16. yeah but you lose it the next morning bc throughout the day you burn calories in that burrito or whatever you ate. this whole video made me cringe

  17. I love eating food its my life tomorrow for sure im goin there bc I love the food especially the burritos i can eat two burritos from them and not get full

  18. For this experiment to work, you have to stop breathing, sweat or any forms of emitting bodily liquids.
    Fun fact: We lose weight mostly through breathing ๐Ÿ˜€

  19. Law of conservation of mass. It's a common myth that one's weight can increase MORE than the weight of the food consumed. Ignorant people confusingly conflate calories with mass. Calories have absolutely NOTHING to do with mass since calories is a measurement of ENERGY. So next time an overweight person claims they don't consume nearly the amount of food equal to their weight gain, they are either confused or lying.

  20. I saw this video two weeks ago, but I just remembered it, so I wanted to comment on how I think it's one of the stupidest, least informative videos I've ever seen on this channel, and that's saying a lot.

    Gee, you ate two pounds of food the day before and it didn't immediately disappear? What's next? Watering a plant makes it wet???

  21. Does she really think that you only gain like 1/4 of her food and the rest dissapears into thin air??? ๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿ™„

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