[Weather] Big temperature gaps

good morning those of us in Korea’s
essential regions will need an umbrella handy on this first day of the workweek
on and off showers are in the forecast from this afternoon and we have 5 to 10
millimeters on tap into early Tuesday with possible thunder and lightning for
a closer look rain will start from northern parts of
gyeonggi-do and gangwon-do provinces starting this afternoon gradually
spreading through the rest of the central region by tonight and dry
regions will be under sunny skies for most of the day we had a chilly start to
today Antigua yoga in condo province had cell 0
morning lows this morning but highs will rise fast leading to why temperature
gaps in most parts of the country daily highs will get up to the upper teens to
low 20s by the afternoon and there will not be any big temperature changes this
week readings will be above Caeser norms in fact temperatures will eat just in
time for Halloween that’s Korea for you and here’s the International weather for
viewers around the world

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