[Weather] Chilly start, dress warmly on your way out

good morning dress warmly on your way
out it’s cold outside the cold waves of air moved in from the north overnight
and the thermometer is pointing at just four point five degrees Celsius over in
Paju gyeonggi-do province peasant aigoo our beloved 10 degrees this morning so
most regions are waking up to a chillier morning than Monday and a bit of clouds
taejeong magnitude chintan are waking up to a sunnier morning with a single-digit
morning lows Korea’s East Coast and change is forecast to receive 5 to 10
millimeters of showers to subpoena and Montes regions incoming the province
could see two seasons first snow daily highs overall will be similar to
slightly lower than yesterday that’s Korea for you and here’s the
International weather for viewers around the world

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