[Weather] Cold temperatures to stay, mix of rain and snow in east

good afternoon a cold wave advisory
issued for Seoul and the surrounding regions we had a brief cold snap this
morning in sharp when is making it feel colder than the actual temperatures so
do trysts wernley on your way out today meanwhile due to the easterly winds calm
other provinces single mix of rain and snow and with up to 20 centimeters of
heavy snowfall in place for account of province with heavy snow advisory in
there while other eastern regions including Jeju could see 5 to 50
millimeters of rainfall meanwhile Busan where the asean-korea
commemorative summit takes place will have a much cooler temperatures today
along with 5 millimeters of summit light rainfall Busan will get up to 13 degrees
this afternoon and cool temperatures will stay with us all day today the cold
snap will ease tomorrow afternoon but it is very likely lows will stay around
freezing this week daily highs will also not rise that much that’s Korea for you
and here’s the International weather for viewers around the world

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