[Weather] Cool start to day

good morning chillier air moved in from
the north overnight readings will remain on the cool side all day in the teen
series our answer on the regions and we will see an abundance of sunshine for
most parts and taking a closer look most regions are waking up to the low teens
under clear skies and come to and Chinchin are waking up to a low of 10
degrees meanwhile the East Coast is forecast to receive 5 to 40 millimeters
of showers of her tomorrow mountainous regions in Kaunda province
could see the season’s first snow upper regions will be a lot busier than
yesterday while certain regions including Te’o should have higher daily
highs this afternoon readings will gradually go down this week and hold is
forecast to wake up just single digit morning lows at 8 degrees by Wednesday
morning but the skies will remain fairly sunny for the rest of the week that’s
Korea for you and here’s the International weather for viewers around
the world

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