[Weather] High chance of heavy snow alerts in Gangwon-do Province mountains, cloudy elsewhere …

there’s a high possibility of heavy snow
advisories being issued in the mountains of gangwon-do province as 30 centimeters
of snow is expected to pile up from tonight until tomorrow night and the
East Coast in northeastern mountains of Kong’s handbook the profits will also
see around 10 centimeters of snow meanwhile a maximum of 60 millimetres of
rain is expected to fall on the eastern parts of the province until tomorrow
night and tomorrow gales will reach up to 65 kilometers an hour in the seas and
waves will be up to 5 meters high so there could also be some high wind wave
alerts elsewhere it’s gonna be occasionally cloudy across the country
with temperatures similar to today’s taking a closer look at our readings
Seoul Kwangju and children will wake up to 1 degree Celsius and kongjui 5
degrees and temperatures will rise by about 8 degrees in the day highs will
reach 9 degrees in Seoul and Gwangju 11 in tighten and Teague and 13 in Pangu
Busan and Jeju tomorrow Busan will wake up to rainy and
overcast skies with a low of 8 degrees and a high will peak at 13 degrees while
rainy spells will stay into the late afternoon so you might want to keep your
umbrella handy or leave you with the weather conditions around the world

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