[Weather] Rain on Jeju spread to more regions

good morning autumn rain started to fall
on Jeju Island from early this morning and showers should gradually spread to
the East Coast and Toledo and ming qiong’s Ango provinces during the day so
to Island and the coastline of gyeongsang-do provinces that’s including
Busan will see up to 60 millimeters of precipitation the rest will also see 5
to 20 millimeters meanwhile people in Seoul and surrounding regions will not
need to carry an umbrella today lots of clouds to start the day with morning
rain and trade you in Busan and lows are kicking off a slightly higher than
Thursday it’s holding table are starting out at 13 degrees Celsius readings will
be lower for rain affected areas today law the capital region will be warmer
East Coast and Jeju will see showers into Saturday while the rest of regions
will have sunshine back with wide temperature differences to continue into
next week that’s Korea for you and here’s the International weather for
viewers around the world

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