What’s up YouTube? Today marks the end of week one for my weight
gain program and I just wanted to give you guys a quick progress report update to let
you know exactly how things are going with that. So far I’ve gained around 2 pounds, on Monday
morning of last week I weighed in at 131.4. This morning I weighed myself and I was at
133.8 pounds. So I’ve gained roughly about 2 and a half
pounds over the last week. Now I’m not too excited about the weight gain
typically because I know my body weight is going to fluctuate at the beginning, because
of all of the supplements I’m taking, because of the new workouts I’m doing, and because
I’m taking some creatine so I know that has an effect on your water weight. But I’m still excited to share this with you
guys because I want to let you guys know how things are going after the end of week 1. So right now I’m taking in about 2900 calories
for my diet, that’s including my breakfast, my lunch, and my dinner, and then a couple
of protein shakes during the day. In addition to that, I’m hitting up the gym
5 days a week, Monday thru Friday. I took Saturday and Sunday off because I was
out of town. But, I’m pretty much doing all strength training,
with no cardio, and every day I’m doing a different body set. So that’s how things are going with me, I’ll
post some photos up so you guys can see how my body looks like at the end of week one. So here’s the front of me. There’s literally no change at all, aside
from a little bit of growth in my shoulders. Once again this is expected, I wasn’t expecting
to be huge after 1 week. And as you can see I only gained 2 pounds,
so I wasn’t expecting much. And this second photo of me of my back – there’s
literally no change at all, I mean it’s only 2 pounds once again, but I see no change from
the first picture to the second picture. So like I said, that’s how my body looks like
at the end of week 1; virtually no change at all. Like I said, I just wanted to post this to
give you guys an idea of what my body looks like at the end of week one. I’m going to be posting up weekly progress
report updates so you guys can see how my body changes over each week. So be sure to check back often just so you
can keep up with my changes.

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