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Ladies and gentlemen,
this is the co-main event of the evening. SHE SPEAKS IN OWN LANGUAGE It all comes into this pinnacle, you’ve got all this stuff
going on underneath. And all people see is just
this little thing at the top. GROANING What goes through your mind
at this point? How bad things will be
if I miss weight. The fight might not go ahead. 2.2… What if you’d have died? If I would have died? Worst-case scenario is he’ll end up with heat exhaustion
or something like that. Very worst case scenario,
ultimately, that could be fatal. If someone put you in the desert
for two days, you would be as dry as we are there. Not far off from death. DISTANT SHOUTING Here he is. We’ve just checked in, now.
It’s 5pm. Going to go and check the weight
in a minute, but we’re, like, 19 hours
or something off weigh-in, or something like that. This is the last little bit
of food I’ll have, now. I had a coffee a few hours ago. That was my last little bit
of water, so… Get this in me and we can start working out what it is I’ve got to
lose between now and the weigh-ins. PHONE RINGS No-one is interrupting my salmon,
here. No-one. I’m nil by mouth, now, yeah. Nil by mouth.
Chewing gum, that’s it, but that doesn’t really add
any weight on to you, so… Yeah, nil by mouth, now. Everything that I expel from
the body now, whether it’s urine,
faecal matter, sweat, anything that comes off me
is weight lost. TRICKLING It’s a decent size, this,
to be honest. The most I can weigh in at
is 61.8kg. The way I see it is,
each time I fill that, I’m a kilo lighter. If it was to be coming off slow, then there would be
no sleep tonight. I would just soldier on
and get it done. It’s got to be done. Otherwise, the fight is not going
to happen, in my eyes, so… It’s a must. When you’re cutting weight,
you’re not 100% there. You are dehydrating yourself, you are trying to get to
a minimum weight that your body can physically,
capably, get to. So you are pushing the boundaries
on everything. That’s me sitting at 170 pounds. Right now, I’m sitting at 194. I’ll do that…three times,
four times a year, if I can. People don’t know about it
because they are not aware of it, because it’s something that happens
behind closed doors. This is a news article about the unfortunate death of
Leandro Souza. He was the first person to die
as a result of weight cutting in mixed martial arts. Unfortunately, he wasn’t the last. It was the first time that he tried
to compete in the flyweight division and he attempted to cut 33 pounds
of weight in a week, and unfortunately, he collapsed
and died of a stroke in the sauna. Yan Jian Bing was only 21 years old and he unfortunately died as
a result of his weight cut. And the autopsy report suggested that it was a heart attack,
basically. The reason it’s so dangerous is because of the amount of
weight that MMA competitors are cutting through dehydration. So we are seeing that these guys
and girls are cutting more weight than has been recorded
for any other combat sport. This is deep-rooted
in the culture of MMA. Behind any door on this corridor
will be some dried-up prune, you know, cutting weight,
just like I will be, later. So I’m not on my own. Got the guys, here, to help me. They’ll be joining me
and going through it with me, so that makes it easier,
having a good team with you. There’s the first bout
of the cut started. Let’s go and see what we’ve done. So we are at 66.85. We’ve done one sixth So we are 15% down, roughly. Sounds all right to me. TICKING We have been tracking Dean’s changes
in body composition over the length of his fight camp. This is the first time
that this type of study has been done on an MMA competitor. Keep going, keep going,
keep going… Come on, Dean, keep going. Well done.
DEAN PANTS The long-term health risks
of fighters as a result of weight cutting depends really on
the severity of their weight cutting and
the number of weight cuts they have, but generally speaking, if competitors are cutting
a lot of water weight, if they’re dehydrating
quite drastically, the chances are that it will have
a negative impact on their kidneys. The blood samples will give us
the most accurate measure of the effect of the weight cut
on his health. I’ve already had ten professional
fights and won them all, and never missed weight, and I know,
on the performance side, the weight cuts are working for me, but what I do need to understand
is the health risks associated with cutting weight and how it’s affecting me,
personally. The idea is to obviously get
those bloods analysed and, from that, determine the
physiological effects on the body and to really figure out
what negative health impacts the weight cutting does have. He’s just wrapped up
with plenty of layers, to make sure we keeping
the sweat going while he’s out of the bath. You see, now, he’s got, like,
beads of sweat on his head already. He’s not even been in there
a few minutes, yet. Johnny Hendrix missed weight
by one quarter of a pound. It’s like, a tiny bit of piss,
basically, and he had to forfeit £20,000
for that amount of weight. He shaved his beard off
to try and make the weight. So the margins are tiny
and the risk and reward is high. I thought I might shit before,
as well. There’s definitely a little 0.3
going to come out of there,
I know it. HE LAUGHS It’s just playing hardball,
at the minute, but it knows it’s going to come
before the weigh-in tomorrow. Sound. Nice one. 65.95, now. As it stands, I’m about 12 hours
away from a drink and… ..yeah,
four more litres of sweat away. Just cooling him off
to get ready to go again. He’s ready for a little rest, cos he’s been nonstop at it
for a few hours, now, so… INTERVIEWER: How far into the cut
are we? Halfway in weight, but we’re not
halfway in time, because… It starts getting more time,
and harder towards the end, so… They were the easy keys. CRUNCHING It’ll be helping draw tiny amounts
of saliva out of my mouth as well, like, minimal, but every ounce
matters now, so… Must be so difficult
not to swallow it. It’s very, very, very tempting. That’s the reflex, know what I mean,
to just gulp them. Oh, God. SCALES BEEP What was I? 65.8. Gone down a kilo and a bit, there. 2.6 left. DOORBELL RINGS Hi, Dean. You all right?
Hi, Maureen. You all right? Yeah. Aw, nice to see you.
All right? Dean, having some fruit
and yoghurt and stuff? I’ll have a little bit, cos I probably ate enough today,
but… Are you all right with them
yoghurts? INTERVIEWER: What’s your diet like
after the fight? All of a sudden, the fight’s over
and you tell yourself you got this month-long window
of opportunity to stuff your face
and then you stuff your face, and then you start
the next fight campaign, and then got a yo-yo diet,
under-eat, which makes you crave more,
and it’s just a vicious cycle. For me to weigh in at 61…
I walk around at 70. After the first pro fight I had, I turned up here a week after
at 81 kilos. That’s 20 kilos heavier than the weight
that I weighed in at. Now, if you put that into bottles
of water, that’s 20 litres of water. To me, that’s an eating disorder.
That’s not healthy. I never want to do that again. You find that even bulimia is quite
rife amongst combat sports athletes. They are also developing problems
with body image. Fold your arms. A number of guys will blow up
in-between fights, and by that, we mean that they’ll
put a lot of body fat back on. Once they lose that athletic
physique they see in the mirror, it’s difficult for them, mentally, to take on board,
and that’s something the audience out there would be
surprised to hear, that, you know,
a mixed martial artist, a cage fighter, a tough individual, would struggle with
their body image. But they do. Perfect, that’s it. Do you want to change the tunes? Same sort of stuff, mate. Heard that Arctic Monkeys album? Don’t mind, mate. Or a bit of Kasabian? Whatever you want, mate. I woke up in a bath, once, I did. True story. As soon as I get in,
it brings me back to this. It’s probably the most dangerous
thing I’ve done all year, this, you know what I mean? I actually started hyperventilating
after having, I think, my second or my third hot bath. I started getting heart palpitations
and stuff like that and then one of the guys
decided to ring an ambulance. After I got put underneath
the towels for five minutes and they could sort of regulate
my breathing a little bit, they made the decision
to put me back… INTERVIEWER: A lot of trust,
isn’t there, with you guys? He knows what he’s doing
more than anyone, really, and we’re just here to support
and go with him more than anything. What about if you’d have died? If I would have died… It’s hard to say,
but my friends obviously would have played a part in it. They would have played a part in it. It’s just horrible to think
that I would have died and my friends would have been
held responsible for my death. I don’t want to
over-sensationalise it, but obviously everyone knows
there’s a problem. If there was more weight classes, this weight cut thing
wouldn’t be worth a documentary. I just hope it doesn’t take
more people dying, though. SCALE BEEPS 64.4. Got like, four-and-a-half hours.
I’ve got to really push on. Officially, we’re not weighing
in till 12 so it’s a good few hours yet, but we need to be on-weight
and at the lobby for nine. Does it get harder at this point?
Yeah, it’s a lot harder now. I’m more dehydrated –
everything’s harder. Low on calories, low on energy,
low on water. So, is your body trying
to retain the water? Yeah, it’s fighting to keep it. What goes through your mind
at this point? How bad things will be
if I miss weight. The fight might not go ahead. You’re pushing yourself.
To make sure this fight happens. That’s what’s on the line. Your face has changed shape. It’ll change shape a lot more now. Each litre as it comes out now will almost morph my face shape
and the way…the way I look. It’s just gone ten to seven. We’ve been cutting weight
throughout the night. Had an hour-and-a-half’s sleep.
I’m just going to weigh myself now. Hopefully we’re not far now. MACHINE BEEPS What is it? 1.4, we just did.
We’ve got the same to go. We’ll have to go in the bath. Go ahead, lad, run a bath. Want to cool down first,
a cold shower? I think that’d be good for you,
mate, get that core body temp down. Dunno… Yeah, but it just means that you’re
not permanently raised all the time. You know what I mean? You don’t want to mix
heat exhaustion with this dehydration, so… He’s on the money there, Ben, like. I think I’ll have a cold shower. I might feel brand-new almost,
you know what I mean, so maybe it’ll set me up
for the next kilo. I’m very eager for him
to cool down in-between. Worst-case scenario is he’s going
to end up with heat exhaustion or something like that and obviously very worst case
scenario, ultimately, that could be fatal. It’s a tough ordeal for him
to put his body through. Even the guys who are used to being
around him when he does it, they don’t enjoy the experience
cos at the end of the day, it’s one of their friends,
it’s somebody that they love and to see them get put through
that, it’s not easy to watch. We’ve had one death from
a single blow to the head and one by blunt contraction. Let’s say there’s one of each, yeah? So we’ve brought in MRI scans
and we’ve brought in blood testing. I can think of four deaths
or three deaths from weight cutting and nothing. The sport tells you what you need
to regulate it by, I think. You just look at
where the deaths are. We’d better be on weight here,
you know. I’ve worked my arse off here. We’d better be on weight now. I hope so. So, is the official weigh-in at 12?
Yes. Oh, fuck me. I don’t know what do here, boys. What have you got there? Well, it’s saying half a pound,
but… I don’t know,
this floor don’t seem right to me. On my scales, I’m dead-on.
Mine are pretty accurate, so… Like you say, three hours
is a long time. You lose some water… Not really spit, that, is it? I know people are like,
“Why do you do it?” But, potentially,
you can earn millions. I want to be one of the best. We’ve been bussed over
to the location where the weigh-ins are going to be. We’ve got an hour now until
the official weigh-ins. 136.2, so 0.2 of a pound, so…like, 50g. Technically, I’m overweight. I’m not drinking water.
I’m spitting. I’m spitting. I’m not swallowing, fluids,
mate, fucking hell. Ladies and gentlemen, we’d like to officially say
good afternoon and welcome to the weigh-ins here
as Bellator MMA makes its debut here in the UK. I always had an interest
in combat sports growing up. Please welcome Dean Garnett. Undefeated at 7-0. Dean Garnett was an unorganised
reprobate when he was about 19 who wasn’t doing much positive
things with his life – working lots of jobs that were
low-paid and I didn’t enjoy. And I was using recreational
drugs quite regularly. 136.2 – 0.2 to go. When I was 19, I just decided I was
going to go try my hand at MMA and I haven’t looked back. The world stops. I don’t need to
do anything but make weight. Nothing else matters – nothing. 135.7 for Dean Garnett. Once you’ve weighed in
and you’ve got off them scales, it’s just relief. It’s complete relief. I think they’re, like, roughly
a kilo light so I’m guessing around 70 kilos,
which is 8.2kg heavier than we weighed in yesterday. Roughly 18 pounds heavier.
I feel 18 times better as well. There are mixed messages
in the scientific community with regards to the
effects of dehydration. We would hypothesise
that it will have a negative impact on his kidneys
and liver and I would imagine it would affect his testosterone
levels as well. There hasn’t been any other studies
to date which have looked at the effects of the weight cut
on health by using bloods. Going forward to try and make
changes within the MMA community and really to try and change
weigh-in policies, we would expect and maybe want
to see negative things to say that this is what
the weight cut does to the body. But it’s Dean so I don’t want
anything really negative to come back. It’s given me a life that I enjoy. It’s given me good health,
made me a more sociable person. It’s made me more motivated,
more driven, given me a purpose. It’s given me everything,
to be honest. What happens in the cage is open
to interpretation. To me, it’s a beautiful thing. Let’s go, kid! Yes! Come on, lad! Ten seconds! Ten seconds!
Ten seconds, Dean! BELL RINGS Yes! Dean, stand up and show them
you won, lad.

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