Weight Loss / Fitness Transformation: Dennis lost 50 kg (110 lb), Before & After

I´m Dennis. I lost 50 kilos and I got fit with the help of YAZIO. My motivation was a video I saw on the internet and my girlfriend broke up with me, so it was kind of a hard time for me. So, I tried to go shopping to a mall just to get some new clothes and nothing really fit anymore. I was 20 years old and that’s really sad if you just want to buy some clothes, but nothing fits. At this point, I just realized how big I was. YAZIO really helped me to get fit. It absolutely changed the way of living, like you are way more healthy; you feel healthy. It is [completely] life changing. It’s a different lifestyle. And now YAZIO is just taking a lot of this work from me. It’s just way more easy and that’s what’s also really motivating. The YAZIO recipes, I love them. They are really great. They are supporting me everyday if I am out of ideas. So, that’s really helpful to have all those nice breakfast, lunch, dinner recipes. And that is just so much more easy with YAZIO. I am really into this fitness lifestyle. I am doing a lot of sports, going to the gym, having healthy nutrition is really important to the sports. To everyone who wants to lose or gain weight: Just do it, because it is possible. It doesn’t matter how much you have to lose or how much muscles you want to gain, it is possible. I am really happy, and especially with YAZIO, because I am already excited for my dinner because I know exactly what I wanna cook and so I am great, yeah. At the moment it is really nice because I am fit. I love [being] fit. I love to motivate people. Stay strong and never give up. Be optimistic, go outside, be friendly, be happy because everyday is worth it. That’s what I live everyday.

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