Weight Loss Journey Day 1: Weight 192lbs = 87kg = 13.7 stone

Hello! My name is Poetry. This is gonna be my YouTube channel that i
wanna talk about everything that’s going on in my mind. Kinda like my think tank. Aye so, I’m going name by page, Poetry’s Think Tank. It’s gonna have my weight loss journey. Possibly movie reviews I like to write people always tell me I should do video logs Hey I’m doing a video log. hopefully I can get it done properly I’m not good with the video cam. I don’t like
with the way the picture looks it keeps cutting off on me. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve tried to tape this video So hopefully I can get it done and get it right I’m
trying not to talk fast but I wanna get it done before it cut off on me again. Um, ’cause I got to get to work and I got to workout. My camera, my TV is over here Which is what I see you on. I see myself on but the camera’s over here. I’m gonna try to look at the camera. Today I’m going to touch in on my weight loss
journey. As you can see I’m sitting here looking like a little linebacker right now but this is not day one of weight loss journey, this is basically day one of my
video log. I started, after I gave birth to my child or the day I gave birth to my child, I was 172 pounds and I always said if I had ever go over my pregnancy weight that I’ve gone too far. Well dammit, I have gone too far. Way too far. so after I gave birth to her, I actually dropped down to 130 pounds. So I can’t even blame my weight gain on baby weight. I was like 108 pounds when I got pregnant with her, so 130 looked so good. I was boom bada bing bada bang! Everything was in the right place. I had boobies, I had booty. Everything was looking good. The waistline was like boop. I got a dog. Sometimes my dog or my cat may run through the video so, if I draw my attention to him. I apologize. Sit. Sit down or go somewhere. One of the two. Um, weight loss. So around 2008, I realized that I was getting closer and closer and closer to my weight, pregnancy weight I was 164 pounds. So I started working out, started walking and the summer of 2008 I broke my ankle. I broke my tib and my fib. I have four pins and screws in my ankle right now. And I had a long recovery period. It wasn’t until like February 2009 that I was able to start working out again and at that time I was 169 pounds. So I started walking, you know. Getting my workout on, getting my workout on. I picked up some 5ks around town. I like to run. I ran track all through high school. I was in the Marine Corps. I ran track for the Marine Corps. And so running a 5k was nothing it was 3.1 miles. I used to get it. Like for real. but now, I can barely walk a 5k. And its a walk jog Sista be like for real. Like for real. I still try to do them though. I even tried a half marathon last year. I ended up I think running the first two miles. Did a slow jog walk, mile 2-4, 2-6 then mile 6 through 13.1, sista was straight walking the entire thing. I still made it in the require time they want you to finish in, but I was WALKING! Just heard my phone go off. I don’t know where its at. So um, but if I’m not outside walking or jogging I like to workout on my Wii. I have a treadmill. I have some weights here as well. I used to love going to the gym hitting the weights. But I’m not good a paying people on a monthly basis. So, um stop. Dang. I don’t like when dogs lick me. I don’t know how people do that shit, kiss they dog all in they mouth annoys the hell out of me. But if that’s you do you but ehh! I don’t even want him licking me. And I done had him two years. Soooo, weight loss. That’s what I was on So over the years though, I started picking up more and more weight. More and more weight. More and more weight. I don’t got totally out of fucking control. I done shot pass my pregnancy weight. When I weighed myself Sunday I was 192 pounds. Again I am 5 feet tall. 192 pounds 5 feet tall. not a good look. Not a good look. Over time I’ve picked up pre-diabetes. Cause all this weight gain. I have to monitor myself at least once a week. I try to drink. this thing of water, every day. This is 78 fl ounces. I have yet to drink this entire thing in one day. But I’m still trying. I bought that at Family Dollar for like $3. I
love it its light weight. Has a handle, has a straw all the way to the bottom You pop this up. And you just drinky drinky. I keep my water room temperature. It goes in cold but I try to keep it room temp. I measure myself once a month. I do neck measurements. I measure my entire body because I like to see how many inches I’ve lost. I loose more inches than I do weight. But that’s about to change because I’m on my dedication thing right now. Get the weight off, get the weight off. Me and Dunlap here. We gotta break up. See, I call him Dunlap because he done lapped over my waistline. So now that I’m standing I may as well show you what I look like. This the frontal view. I got all these extra folds. I’m popping out of my sports bra. The sports bra ain’t nothing but decoration. It ain’t protecting nothing or supporting a damn thing at this point. Whew. The side view. I got a little love handle. Some em love. Show em love. You can’t even tell where my butt and my thighs separate. It used to be some separation. They kinda running together now. Gotta turkey neck here. I don’t have the chicken wings. Thank God. My arms are kinda tight. Tight. Tight. But I need some tone and definition to shrink ’em down. I’m tight pretty much all over. Like ready me yeah going you know what we
what we wanted without being YouTube looking that means
to me that will what we’re gonna you know who
are you you wouldn’t wanna bet dead you don’t know you know might be a ship
or Wed I’ll print I didn’t know who pointed you know low me happy wanted ronald was right law we yeah exterior you movie I’ll who so I don’t goal date that goal number what I want to do like maybe happily that it were me be look at. we got me cool always being backing well me home so I don’t know what we owe
you a Mockingbird Lane when we look at right now you know who
they like it but you don’t want to are you know who would burn well okay open that from 19.6 today go I wanted to eliminate go to menu I love
what we do not have worked out only I wouldn’t war head Romeo don’t want me about well are a climate bill warning well right now go 30 what lonely me own good that will do look there are no talk
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15 thoughts on “Weight Loss Journey Day 1: Weight 192lbs = 87kg = 13.7 stone

  1. Congratulations on starting! I subscribed so I'll be watching your updates, supporting you 🙂 Im also on a weight loss journey and it'll be awesome if you watch mine as well. Good luck girl!

  2. Working on closed caption since I talk so fast. YouTube, sorry but your closed caption sucks. So what I'm doing is transcribing my videos slowly but surely. Video one, I'm halfway through with that.  Thanks for your patience!

  3. Hello 
    I am also on this weight loss journey. Cant wait to watch all of your videos. Please check out my video maybe we can help each other.


  4. good luck 🙂 doing 45 min on the elliptical about 5 times a week helped me lose 30lbs in about a year, my diet was a mess though so you can do it faster with just vegtables and lean protein

  5. Lovely outfit. Do admit that you never know how you lose weight or build muscle. I think of patriots player Vince Wilfork remembering to check the legs/arms, not always about the stomach as much as people pretend it is.

  6. wow u have lost so much weight I'm glad i caught up on this vid great stuff mate loved seeing this vid you're mate Bars

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