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  1. Seriously Immy you need to invest in a book 'foods of the prophet' As a muslim what you're doing is plain wrong when it comes to dieting.

  2. Hello, Immy! 🙂 Can you please do a video edition on what supplements u take, I would really love to see. Much love. ❤

  3. Sis please don't be offended but why do u put that strange ugly make up in Allah made you beautiful naturally masha'Allah plus it's harram to beautify yourself in front of non mahram men .remember you will face Allah one day and this dunya us nothing but a temporary a deception .I'm but judging you as I'm no one but I just remind you as my sister in islam .May Allah guide us all Allahuma Ameen

  4. Sounds like orthorexic eating. So incredibly strict. I'm pro cutting out sugar and to eat as little bad carbs as you can. But come on, how do you enjoy your life this way? Not trying to be mean, but I've had a severe eating disorder in my past and this sounds like a type of that too 🙁

  5. Hi Immy
    Your eyes are stunning! Would you mind sharing which products/colors you used – as well as how you used them? Forgive me if this has already been asked and answered. P.S. Are you wearing colored contact lenses?

  6. If you eat true sourdough bread, not sourdough made with vinegar, but made with a sourdough starter, and it's been "soured" for 12-18 hours before baking, your body would be able to process it. Souring is when you have proofed your sourdough starter for a few hours, and then proceeded to make bread, and you leave the unbaked shaped loaf of bread in the refrigerator for 12-18 hours. What happens is the natural yeasts, and probiotics eat most of the gluten, and phytic acids while it's being soured, so then when a person eats it, it's much easier to digest. Even individuals with celiac disease can usually handle sourdough bread. I don't like eating any other type of bread to be honest, because I always feel lighter than when I eat regular white bread. Sometimes white bread makes me feel like I have a lead ball in my stomach, but with sourdough bread I don't feel so heavy. I also use my sourdough starter for things like pancakes, biscuits (not cookies, but American biscuits), waffles, and just about anything that requires yeast. I forego the yeast in baking all together, and use sourdough starter instead. It does take longer to rise, but you'll often end up with very soft pillowy bread, pancakes, waffles, etc. My favourite waffle recipe uses yeast overnight in the refrigerator, so I just use my sourdough starter instead, and it turns out great without a sour taste! When I make my waffles with sourdough starter, it does the same thing as the bread, and makes the waffles much easier to digest. This is just a suggestion that you could try. Great video, and have a nice day! またね!♪(๑ᴖ◡ᴖ๑)♪

  7. Aoa maryam….great videos…keep it up…i wish there r videos from some desi person who actually lives in pak….as abt 99 % such video r not applicable n practical for us living here….many of these ingredients not avl here…like we only hav one kind of milk here…no almond milk r soya milk r cocnut yougurt….so its very difficult to find alternatives here….these fancy veggies r berries etc😞

  8. Is your blood type 0? For them, carbs are not good, they store carbs as fat. Read the book called Eat for your blood type. Very good book and will help you to keep your ideal weight without a diet.

  9. hey watched this vid found it really useful i am doing this alongside the advice i have seen in this vid hope it helps all of you https://tinyurl.com/yar7g85u

  10. can I tke Apple cider vinegar even I have hormonal imbalance..i got much gain weigh I'm worried myself I'm 29age but my weight is 75..

  11. Hello love that lip stick, that is my color. What's the name of it please.
    The eaten tips are great, stomach area my problem too. Thank you.

  12. Hello dear…
    First of all wish u a good day.
    You are vert beautiful MashaaAllah…. I just noticed your videos and start watching them and got to know how cool they are. When u start telling about your weight loss journey I felt like u are saying mine lol…. anyways the facts and tricks u r telling are really genuine for weight loss….
    Keep uploading ur more tips. Cardio routines and. Your weight liss diet plans. We'll really appreciate it!
    Keep smiling
    Stay blessed

  13. Nice video Maryam .. but there is one thing that disturbed me…cut dairy completely?? Dairy is one of the 5 essential food groups and is extremely important part of diet . You will realize it later in life. I request you to refrain from giving such advices as you have lots of followers.

  14. i badlyy wanna loose loads of eight and ive been watching lowds of utuve vids.. bcz even tho im nit fat rught now im git but my structure looks like ill be fa when i grow up.. im forteen rite niw and i craxily wanna loose weight and gwet slim ….

  15. Hallo Immy…
    I am from India, and my daughter is a teenager she is of 16 and she is such an obese that she cannot even work properly…
    She has a great appetite and love for food but now as she is overweight she wants to lose weight…
    So, can you please make a video on how to workout and have a fit body…

  16. Cutting out sugar is really hard because we have cravings for sweet and feel hungry more when we remove sugar.Natural sugar in the form of fruit would be more beneficial.

  17. Just discovered you thanks to ducky bhai😅 now i am downloading all of your videos stay blessed lots of love from pakistan❤

  18. Olive oil should be for dressing not cooking and coconut oil should be used for cooking that's what I know

  19. I just wanted to say that wearing a turban is not the same as wearing a hijab. Hijab means to cover head hair and neck completely

  20. This makes me feel so depressed😢 because I just can't do this😢… And just want an easy way to lose weight. I know I need to do what you did to lose weight. I can't finish watching this.
    Because I'm just sooo depressed. 😢
    But it's great you did it well done.😊

  21. I am a vegetarian i cannot eat meat. I eat eggs though. Can you please suggest me some alternative if you know ?

  22. cutting pasta and rice out of the diet😣 actually i dont know any other food to eat except those and its been 1 month today since i started losing weight and i lost 6kg upto now and i didnt cut out pasta and rice but i reduced the portion that i used to eat and also cut out all the suger totally but i exercised only the first two weeks and still have extra weight to lose so wish me luck

  23. I am getting fat in my legs and in my stomach. I am eating a lot of eggs and curry goat now. I use to be a pedestrian. I want to go back to begging one but it's hard.

  24. Lovely video, semi-skimmed goats milk can sometimes suit better than cows milk, even if your lactose intolerant.
    Also lactofree cheese.
    Green tea and peppermint tea is wonderful.

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