Weight Loss Warrior Learns to ‘Dress Skinny’

(upbeat music) Kelly come on out. (audience cheers) (upbeat music) Right? I mean, I mean Skinny Habits, it works. Hug it out! You look amazing. You look amazing. I’m so proud of you. I mean look at her! Cal, I can’t even believe, you don’t look like the same person. I don’t feel like the same person. I mean you were attractive before but my god you look younger, you look taller, your boobs look amazing! Amazing! Look at your waist, your arms, you are stunning! Thank you. How much weight have you lost honey? I hit 50 today. You hit 50! (screaming) Dude! It’s all about 50 pounds today! 50 pounds today. You did it! I mean look at you. You guys make a hell of a team. Wow. You look absolutely fantastic. See she’s dressing exactly the way that I’m talking about, she’s got that belt on. Belts! Belts matter. Belts matter because there’s no way, there’s no stretch in a belt, if all of a sudden you’ve gotta extend that belt out that means something. Stop eating. Yeah. Stop eating, and also like with the leggings and the stretchy clothes you never really notice if you gain any weight Exactly! Because like you know If you are living you’re not going to stretch out the stretchy pants Look at all of the girls that are busted. They’re all going. If you are living in leggings it’s for a reason. It’s cause they expand with whatever you’re eating, right? That’s absolutely true. Another thing that I love that Kelly’s doing right now is of course she’s got these great heels on, it’s gonna be a little bit harder for her to walk around a little bit more but what do you have in your, show us what you’ve got in your purse. I have my flats! Little flats. Yay! (audience claps) You never want that excuse of just being like oh I have these shoes I can’t walk around in right? Good tip. Right. Yup. Wow you just look stunning. I don’t know what you’ve got underneath that but it’s all organized really well too. (audience applause) Foundations matter right? Foundations do matter. I actually know of a TV personality that wears her jog bra underneath her clothes to keep her focused on, all right I’ve got to get that work out in. That’s not me by the way. I do my workout before I come here. (upbeat music)

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