In this video, you’re going to learn muscle
building methods that I have just used to go from about 69-70 kilograms to about 79.6
kilograms where I am right now. Before I share the methods, click subscribe
and notification turned on because I have a lot of fantastic contents on the way and
I want to make sure you get it all, it’s all based on the same concept of holistic natural
energy-based methods to maximize your health, your wealth, with finances, spirituality,
interpersonal and enjoyment because they’re all ultimately tied together. We benefit one to the benefit of others. So let’s get into the methods. The first method is you can do your normal
six to eight reps or ten reps whatever it is and in the last series make sure you go
to the point of complete failure meaning let’s say that you’re doing whatever weight it is,
do it. You can’t you can’t do it anymore? You lower the weight and keep on going lower
the weight until maybe you’re just doing the bar or if it were a bench press or if it’s
a different activity. Maybe you’re just doing five-pound weights. The second is to do pyramids up and down. So, what that means is that let’s say the
start is you’re doing crossed. You’d be doing 5 pounds and 10 pounds then
15 and 10 and then 5. The final way or another way is to basically,
do a circuit. Let’s say 2 minutes, you’re doing your biceps
or your chest and your shoulders whatever it is for two minutes, and then you’re going
to do another activity that’s a rest activity, but it’s an active rest. For example, you could do your abs or a lumbar
or your neck or whatever it is that will give your muscle rest while you’re still activating
another area of your body and then you come back and you do it for another 2 minutes. You want to make sure you’re using a weight
that you can’t do for the entire 2 minutes. So if you can only do, let’s say, a minute
worth of them, then you have to stop and restart. That’s the idea because you’re bringing yourself
to the point of failure again, and again. So what I’ve started to do that’s, for me,
just absolutely incredibly effective and a little bit of pain, but it’s fantastic is,
a pleasure, to set my sets at 25 reps, but I’m not using a weight that I can do for 25. So let’s say that I can do 10 well, then
I stop shake it out and then I continue doing until I get 25. So that means that in three sets that I do
I’ve basically done 5, 6 different sets because I’ve gone to the
point of failure again, and again. When I was doing pull-ups, I did the same
thing. And, by doing each one of these is a different
method on the same concept of pushing yourself past the point of failure to trigger your
muscles, to activate it, grow and get even stronger. Test these out for yourself see which one
works best for you, see which one gives you the biggest and the fastest gains. And yes one also needs to have one’s diet
in other areas correct. One more tip is to merge things just a little
bit of the law of attraction into weight into developing muscles. Bring your awareness even more present and
allow your training to fill you with this white light of infinite positive energy. If you want to have it more or maybe in your
muscles or in your body to fill you from this infinite source of energy in the universe. So when you’re in training, you can actually
train to leave, or even more intense and higher level without needing any type of “workout
supplement”. You can tap into this energy naturally. Again, subscribe and click notification so
you get the latest content and make it a fantastic day where you’re stronger or healthier than
ever before. Thank You.

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