Weird Christmas Presents You NEED To Try and Get! (HATCHIMALS Giant Surprise Egg Opening, and MORE)

– What’s up? It’s Collins Key and for today’s video, I’m about to do something
that I have never done before. And so to join me, I need someone very special to help me out. My little brother Devin. Hey, what’s up?
– Hey, what’s up? – Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. We’re missing one more thing. Let me try this. Oh my gosh. (yelling) It’s a drone, what? (beep) We have got literally– – I’m back. – all of the hottest toys and today– – This is insane. – we’re going to be testing these out. The reason we are doing this video is we wanted to give you guys a ton of great ideas for toys and gadgets you can add to your holiday wish list and also, if you want gift ideas, we have got you set right here. And also, I’m doing a
massive holiday giveaway to say thank you guys
for an incredible year and we just hit two million subscribers. – Yay. – Thank you guys so much. Now there are three separate giveaways, each with their own prize. So if you enter into all
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that I’m putting out. So the more active you are on Twitter, the better chance you have of winning. – Also, my Instagram link is down below so make sure you go do it. I got Twitter down there too. – Oh, Twitter, I love. – Hey Twitter, what up? – But right now, without further ado. let’s get into it– – I’m so excited. – and let’s open up the toys. Whoo.
– Whoo. – The first thing we have, right here, is an electronic dog named CHiP and this thing has Bluetooth in it. – Wait, what? – This is an animal with Bluetooth. But always before, if
I got a Rubik’s Cube, I was like, yes. – Yeah. – There’s literally, an electronic dog with Bluetooth and drones. – That’s sick. – I’m confused. – Well I can’t wait. – We’re just going to open this up. I don’t read the instructions because you know, me, (giggles) yeah. This is it, you want to pull it out? This is CHiP, is it heavy? – [Devin] Whoa, it’s actually
heavier than I expected. – [Collins] Oh my gosh. Oh, is it on. – Oh my gosh. – Dude it works. – It’s on, whoa, okay. – Dude, put it up there, put it up. – Okay, okay, okay, okay. Now what? (dog barks) – Whoa Jeez. Whoa Jeez. (slow motion) Whoa Jeez. – Whoa. – So apparently, he does three things. He stands up, he sits down
and then spread eagles. Hey CHiP (dog barks) back flip. – Walk (dog barks) Go, whoa. – [Collins] Whoa it did a back flip. – What? – He tried to do a back flip fans. – So when the eyes go green, that means that it’s activated. – So you say, hey CHiP. (dog barks) There we go. – You’d be like, hey CHiP, but you got to be a
little more gentle though. – What? What? He’s. – He just face plant. What is he doing? He’s face planting. Oh my God no, CHiP – CHiP, literally, almost just took a dive bomb off the table. I’m not even kidding. Hey CHiP? (dog barks) Don’t do that again. (laughs) (dog barks) Devin, I’ve got an early gift for you right now.
– Oh, I already know it’s going to be something good. – Here you go, bam.
– Yep, I knew it. – [Collins] This is what Devin’s been asking for all year long. – Oh yeah, definitely. – So Devin, please pick
up your Troll doll. – Oh bro, you must do this right. This is my Troll. – Just twist ’em a little bit. Then we even this area here. – Oh my gosh. – Like, you know, the trifecta. – [Devin] No that’s great, I love it. – [Collins] Perfect hairstyle
for your Troll doll. – Now I’m pressing my watch. (lively music) – [Devin] You know what, I’m dancing. – Wow, that was incredible. – 10 out of 10 on this one. Let’s move on to the next toy. (giggles) Next up is this little,
live, pet right here. – You don’t want to
throw pets around though. – And this thing, the little tongue bro. – Oh. – It is so cute. – It’s really cute actually. – [Collins] So, apparently,
this thing is like animatronic in a way to where you can feed it with a bottle, my
tummy moves when I breathe and my eyes close when I sleep. – Wow. – I mean I do all the exact same things. So I don’t know what’s so impressive about a dog doing it but (laughs). – We’re just gonna plop, oh. (laughs) – He’s face planted bro. So you press his nose to start it. (doll whines) – That’s so sad. – I think we hurt him. (dramatic noise) Next up, we have the Furby Connect. This thing is like a
Furby to the next level. This one has Bluetooth and it says, “Furby connects you to
a world of surprises.” – Whoo. – So let’s find out what surprises are in store for us in this box. Here we go. This is the Furby, yo. – The second we put the
batteries in, it came alive. – So, apparently, there
is a sleeping mask. – Alright. – Don’t know what this is or what it’s supposed
to do but apparently, it makes the Furby sleep. So it’s got some really
weird electronic thing that goes over the mouth or something. – Nice, oh. – [Collins] I thought the Furby was supposed to sleep? This is the most ineffective sleep mask I have ever seen. – [Devin] Oh, there we go. – [Collins] Oh, hey. – [Devin] How do we wake the Furby up? Do we just pop it off? – Watch this go absolutely crazy. All in all, I think this Furby’s, actually, really cool. – Yeah. – It’s, again, not quite mobile as the little CHiP dog but it definitely, it wiggles a lot. – Yeah. – It’s very active so it
burns a lot of calories. – Next up, we have this
build your own Bose speaker. – You have to be gentle. It’s technology, you go, yah. Alright so. – It’s not built yet so, you know. And it looks like it lights up and stuff and Bluetooth as well. Everything this year has Bluetooth. – So we were going to do build the Bose or Bose build or we were. We’re going to do whatever this is. They’re rather complicated. There’s technical components to this and so, we don’t really want to spend 45 minutes of our time, right now, to build these so. We’re gonna say it’s cool that you can build those. – I’m sure it’s super awesome. – There’s also a little ear piece. So I will try this on. – Do you feel the base? – It’s tight. – Do you feel it? – It’s a tight fit– – Bwah, bwah, bwah, bwah, bwah. – and it looks style, fashion, vogue. I think you’ll just have to get this one and let us know what you think about it and if the sub woofer
really is woofin’ fam. (dog barks) Next up we have, ouch, the selfie mike. – Almost hit me in the face. – So, apparently, you
put your phone in here and then you can sing into it. So we’re going to do it
on a Snapchat right now. So if you guys don’t have us on Snapchat, what are you doing? – Alright, we plug it in and then, turn it around this way. – Selfie cam. – Selfie cam. – Okay, you ready? – Yep. – Here we go, this is the test shot guys. What’s up?
– What’s up? – It’s Collins and Devin
and we are singers, ah, ha, ha, ha. – Ahhhh (singing) – Does that sound bad? I’m sorry, we just R.I.P headphone users. R.I.P headphone users. Alright guys, we are posting this to the story right now and let’s just play it back, right now and
see how it turned out. What’s up?
– What’s up? – It’s Collins and Devin
and we are singers at. – [Both] Awwww. (singing). – I’m sorry, we just
R.I.P. headphone users. R.I.P headphone users. (beep) – That was terrible. I think we broke it with our voices. – I got to give you my
honest point-of-view on this whole thing. This is a must not get. – Fail. (beep) – Fail. (beep) This next one, is by far,
the most aggressive item out of all of them so. Let’s try this. – [Both] Whoa. – Oh my gosh. – If you don’t want to
have a Nerf war yourself, you just set this thing
up and you’re good. – This is how to terrorize
your entire family for an entire year. I will let Devin introduce this one because he seems very excited. Whoa, dude. (motor noise) Oh, hey. Devin’s having a little
bit too much fun with this. No, no, no. (motor sounds) – Well that goes up and down but why doesn’t it shoot? – It is with great sadness and sorrow that we’d like to inform you that this does not shoot. – No. – The trigger is broken. It, literally, does everything else. All the things like,
that’s cool, that’s cool. I could do without every feature if it just did the one
thing it was supposed to do. (motor noise) – Ahhh. – Well, that’s a fail so. I guess, on to the next one. Next up, this right here
is the FurReal Friends. Aha. – Bada, jung, jung. (drum plays) – This is, supposedly, a blazin’ dragon. Let’s open this up right now. Let’s take our Court’s Blazing Dragon – Alright, time to. – Is it on? – I think– – [Collins] Oh my God, what is going on? – [Devin] Whoa, okay. (toy roars) – So, we apparently, put water in with this little thing here. And there’s a little. – [Devin] I think you put it into there. – [Collins] Into the back of the head? (toy talks) – Whoa. – [Collins] Wait, wait, wait, wait. Oh my gosh.
– Look at that, crazy. What’s comin’ out? What’s comin’ out? – Breathe flames. Flame us. (laughs) – It’s like coughing flames but there just mist. – I wanted real flames. – So was I. – I wanted it to, actually, breathe fire. – On the back, it promises being able to roast marshmallows. – On the bright side though, his eyes are really pretty. – Yep. – So yep, there you go. Right here is the most popular toy of the holiday season this year. And this is called a Hatchimal and so. I didn’t know how popular this thing was until I tried to buy
it and it’s, literally, sold out of everywhere. I had to pay, I think, $250–
– What? – To get my hands on it. – I had to special order it online. I don’t know why but apparently, this think is all the rage. So right now, we’re going to open it up. I think, the concept’s like, you hatch an egg and then inside the egg there’s a little unique
character or something. I don’t know, I don’t know how it works. Where’s the front? – [Devin] I don’t know, whoa. – [Collins] What happens, what– – [Devin] I saw eyes. – Where? – I saw it on the front, over here. – [Collins] Dude, over here, over here. – [Devin] Whoa. – Yo, what’s going on? It’s making noises. (bird chirps) We don’t know, exactly,
what’s going on with this one. Do we do something? Do we help it? Do we assist it? I was expecting an explosion of some sort. Dude, for $250, I was expecting a little bit more than some faint noises and those little lights popping out. But, I guess we’ll see. (timer ticks) – [French man] One eternity later. – Alright guys. This is fun for about
the first few minutes. And now, it’s just, kind
of like, okay we get it. We’d like you to hatch and so, we’re gonna help it out a little bit. I don’t recommend doing this. I would just go with the
full hatch experience. But here, we’re going to try and open it up a little
bit and see what happens. – [Devin] Alright. – [Collins] I’m going to
try to break it like this. – [Devin] Nice, yeah. – [Collins] There we go. Good break. You guys ready for this? The big reveal, three, two, one, ta-da. Alright, let’s see. Bam, there we go. So guys, in our infinite wisdom. I think we just broke it. But yeah, overall, the thing’s awesome. I understand why it’s such a big deal for everyone right now. – Yeah. – And I’m gonna wear this
as a little hat of honor. – And last but not least. – The one you’ve all been waiting for. The drone.
– The drone. – And remember, if you
subscribe to this channel and turn on the channel
post notifications, you’ll be entered into win. You’ll get a brand new one, don’t worry. – Yeah, not this one, don’t worry. – You’ll win a drone. So right now, let’s get into it. – Let’s do it. – So we are about to fly the drone. But first, please excuse
our disgusting back yard. This is what happens when you make 10,000 pounds of Oobleck and then you don’t know how to clean it up. So it’s, literally, killed our yard. If you guys want to see that video, I’ll put the link right over there. But right now, it’s time to
fly this drone, so Devin. – Alright, I’m really,
actually, don’t know how to do this. – That’s not good. – I’m just gonna try to press a bunch of buttons. – Dude, seriously, whoa. – Whoa, okay, whoa, okay. This goes up and down,
this steers it, oh shit. – Oh, dude, dude, you’re coming at me bro. Not in the bush bro. – [Devin] Ahhhh, this
is so hard to control. – [Collins] Dude, not
in the neighbor’s yard. Devin no, Devin what have you done? (beep) Well somehow, Devin managed
to get the drone back. Alright, here we go, lift off, whoa. Oh no. – [Devin] See, it’s pretty difficult. – [Collins] No, dude,
no fair, not the roof. Come back, no. (laughs) – [Devin] Yes, come back bam. – [Collins] I need you. Come to papa. – [Devin] Land on my hand. – [Collins] Oh God no, no, no. (laughs) – [Devlin] Come this way. – [Collins] No. – [Devlin] Dude, you suck at this. – [Collins] Yeah, we’re alive. (laughs) How high does it go, I wonder? Not the tree, no, not the tree, no. Where are you going drone? (laughs) – [Devlin] Hey look, it’s in the ditch. – [Collins] (laughs) We
actually going to get this back? Well we lost, (laughs) we lost the drone. – [Devlin] Alright guys, we
got to retrieve this drone. (crickets) Someone’s gonna find a drone. – (laughs) Alright, well that’s it guys. Thank you all so much for watching. If you guys enjoy this video, let us know by giving the big thumbs up. Give us a big thumb, we lost our drone. – We lost the drone. – We lost the drone. – Hey Collins, it’s up to you bro. – We, literally, lost the drone. Giving me the thumbs up, that would really mean a lot. Comment down below. If you could name our drone, what would you name it? Besides lost? Yeah, we’ll see you guys
again very soon, bye.

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