Welcome Aboard | Odyssey Animated Trailer – League of Legends

Happy birthday big guy… Just a sec… There! Hey, dummy. Do you ever dream of life among the stars? POW! Well, now you can live that dream aboard our magnificent ship… The Morning Star! BOOM! Let’s meet the crew. First up is Malphite. Big boy with a heart of gold. We’re still working on his temper. Then there’s Yasuo, our Captain. Nothing phases this guy. Watch. Heads up! Hmm… And finally me. Jinx. Your trusty pilot. I also like ‘splodin stuff! Whew. Yeah! But wait, there’s more.
We do all kinds of junk, like: Recreational activities, hands-on medical training and team building exercises! [CENSORED] YOU AND YOUR
[CENSORED] [CENSORED] [CENSORED] Oh, here’s the best part! This beautiful and psychotic assassin wants to annihilate our entire crew. Here’s a little message he left us. You took what is mine! I will find her, and I- So cool… So consider this your- invite to join the greatest crew in the galaxy. The only question now is what’re you waiting for? No, no, no. C’mon, NO! Not the camera! So kid… whaddaya say?

100 thoughts on “Welcome Aboard | Odyssey Animated Trailer – League of Legends

  1. Kayn said he would bring back what they took from him, what if.. they took Sona from him! :O Nah.. But i wish

  2. If only they would make the characters look as they did in their cinematic. Not the play station 1 graphics.

  3. Kayn: You took what's mine i will find her ( i think he's about to say kill her )
    Rhaast: Alright. Just don't kill melee opponents or else you die

  4. when i saw this trailer i was so excited and thought it was some new game that was like borderlands. I thought it would be like some really cool space open world looter shooter…… then i clicked on the ad and it showed that it was just for league of legends and i was so disappointed lol!

  5. I just noticed Kayn was talking about Sona. I mean. ‘You took what was mine I will find her’

    Maybe I’m just thinking to deep into it

  6. i screamed for 24 hours when i first saw this, its jsut that jinx is my fav character pls do more jinx content!!!

  7. Too bad the actual game is nothing like this video.
    So there's one question left: Why isn't there a Tank Girl game?

  8. Did you notice that Kayn said "you took what is mine,I will find her" so… He's finding sona? Or the ora in her ewahl

  9. sad to see that we will never play this again. This was my favorite gamemode. The only reason i downloaded this game again.

  10. When lol plays in the time of spaceships, the shop should be like amazon prime shipping u the items in a few seconds.

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