What if everyone had super speed? [Hypotheticals]

This video has been brought to you by NordVPN. Go to NordVPN.com/DOMICS
and use my code DOMICS for 75% off a 3 year plan with a free extra month. Hello, everyone! Welcome to another Hypotheticals! Uhhh, it’s the same people as last time. – [Kressh]: *laughs* You gotta cue that, “Ah shit, here we go again.” – [Dom] I’m here joined by Jomm, and Kressh. This one’s gonna be a little different. This is actually a fan submitted Hypothetical. “What if everybody could run at 80 kilometers per hour”? I’m gonna say, what if your walking speed is like, a neighbourhood speed; 50 km/h And you could run maybe 100 km/h. – [Kressh] A hundred or nothing. *laughs* I’m not slowing down for nobody. *laughs* – [Dom] Now we have no use for cars or… – [Kressh] I would still use cars. Let’s say I run. I’m gonna sweat. So it’s like, I don’t want to end up like,
drenched in sweat at my destination. *laughs* – [Dom] No, the wind will dry your sweat. Because you’re running so fast.
– [Jomm] That’s true. – [Kressh] But does the wind–
– [Jomm] You’d have really salty skin. – [Kressh] –dry me faster than the amount I’m sweating? – Yeah, probably. Just run more. (wheezes) Like, what are even car chases anymore? Cuz it’s just–
– [Jomm] It’s just a game of tag. (laughs) – But I think it’s different because running at a hundred when you’re the person running, I think you’d be more conscious of like, “I could die.” – Yeah.
– Like it’s not like a car where you’re kind of inside a– – Wear a helmet.
– Yeah. Wait, so like what’s the stakes here? Cuz– – The stakes?
– Like my friends aren’t getting eaten in this video, so like… (Jomm & Dom laughs) – I need to know – [Dom] Yeah. Imagine if both worlds combined, you could eat each other and travel at that speed. – [Kressh] Fast food.
(laughs) – I don’t think I would drive anymore honestly. But then it’d be kind of weird like, “Hey I’ll meet you at the airport
and then we’ll run back home.” – Well, why would they need picking up
cuz they could just run, dude. – [Jomm] But what if they don’t know how to get back? – [Kressh] Yeah, like. There’s gonna be
a bunch of people that are like, too old or too young to run at that speed, or like can’t handle it. – [Dom] Dude if they were driving,
they would drive slow anyway. So it’s just scaled down. – [Kressh] Anyone who does Uber is now out of a job. – [Dom] Uber is gone, okay. – [Jomm] No, there would just be people
arriving at your destination. They pick you up and they run
to where you want to go. – [Dom] Would you rather live
in fear of like, car accidents, or like people accidents? – [Kressh] People accidents?!
What the hell. (laughs) Dude, someone who’s like–
– [Dom] At 100… (laughs) – [Kressh] yeah… (laughs) a 100km/h… – [Kressh] What’s stopping me from like, running over to my enemy’s house, pushing them over,
and like running back. – [Dom] (laughing) “Enemy’s house” Well, that’s the same as you driving over
to your enemy’s house and pushing them over. – [Jomm] But like even if you ran up
to a guy and try to hit him, He could equally run away from you
if he sees you coming. – [Dom] Exactly.
– [Kressh] IF he sees me coming. – [Dom] And honestly, like,
if he’s in his house, You’re not gonna be travelling
100 km/h in his house. – [Kressh] (laughs) Watch me. – [Dom] You’re gonna run through a wall. Would sports even be… watchable?
– Yeah. – [Dom] So when you think about like,
in basketball, You just dribble once, and then
you’re on the other side of the court. – [Jomm] No, they would just scale everything up like three times bigger. – [Dom] Exactly. But then that’s so hard to watch. If you’re sitting on one side of the court, The other side is like,
a kilometer away. – Have you seen those professional tag games
that’s been going around lately? Where they play on like a little jungle gym?
– [Dom] Yeah, yeah, yeah! – [Jomm] If you could do that at 100 km/h,
people are just like– Oh! Have you ever seen like, two gerbils in
a cage fight each other And it’s just flying all over the walls? – [Dom] I wonder how high up I could wall run. At 100 km/h (laughs)
– [Jomm] Oh shit. You can probably run on like water
or something at that point. – [Dom] I’m scared for children at recess playing. They do like the craziest stuff. – [Jomm] Did you hear what happened to little Billy? He ran into Bill and then– – [Dom] He played Red Rover.
(laughs) What– how do you even play that game? I forget how you play.
You just like run into the– – [Jomm] There’s like a line of children
holding hands right, Like two lines. – [Dom] Oh yeah.
– [Jomm] It’s like, “Send Billy right over” And then the guy just charges
and gets freaking clotheslined. – [Dom] Their arms are gonna rip off, or Billy gets, like… – [Kressh] Decapitated? (laughs)
– [Dom] Decapitated. – Wouldn’t playing tag be super–
like it would be outlawed cuz, – [Dom] (laughing) Tag is outlawed? – [Kressh] You touch somebody, even if it’s lightly, at that speed, And they just get slapped to the ground and like, Like, just go flying. – I guess when you’re younger you’d only run… Like a baby could crawl, like, 20km/h – [Jomm] That’s nightmare fuel! That’s actually the scariest thing. – [Kressh] At that point, everyone is more accountable for being on time. If you could run at 100km/h, there’s no excuse for being late. Especially when there’s no traffic. – Wouldn’t there still be like, Human– wait no that’s a bad…
(Jomm & Kressh laughs) – [Kressh] Human traffick? (laughs) – Ooh, uh, I need another term. Pedestrian traffic! – [Jomm] Pedestrian traffic. – [Dom] Couldn’t we, like, produce energy that way? Like…
– [Jomm] Like hamster wheels? (laughter)
– [Dom] Hamster wheels, yeah. – [Kressh] It sucks to be, like, a professional runner. You spent your entire life dedicated to becoming fast, And then–
– [Dom] No, but if– But then it just scales up. Like it would still be faster, or he or she would still be faster than… – [Jomm] Like if Usain Bolt could run– Yusain Bolt? What is it? – [Kressh] Yeah, Usain.
– [Dom] UWU-sain Bolt. – [Jomm] UWU-sain Bolt (laughter) – [Jomm] It’s his thug name. – Yeah, I’m imagining um… Like zombies. – [Jomm] (laughs) Can the zombies run fast? – [Kressh] Oh, I’ll be– yea, the zombie apocalypse would be like, 10 times crazier. – So would you accept a world where you could run at this speed? – Yeah. I’ll accept it. As long as Kressh isn’t like, looking at me. – [Dom] Dude, if he’s in looking distance of you, you’re in pushing distance. (laughter) – [Dom] What if you were the ONLY one who could travel. – [Kressh] I wouldn’t tell anybody.
– [Dom] You wouldn’t tell anyone? – [Kressh] Well, I would tell like, you guys. Or like, close people. But I wouldn’t go ’round advertising that I could do that because– – Anyone you touch gets the power. (laughs) – Oh, I would touch like, Oh that sounds… (laughter) – Yeah? – I would– I would shake hands– – Say it, Kressh. – [Kressh] Yeah I would like, fistbump you guys for you to go at the same speed and then Like just people close to me, and then – [Dom] Okay, let’s say you can only pass it on if you kiss ’em. – [Kressh] Ew.
(laughter) – [Dom] Would you be a homie? (laughter) – These are the stakes I was looking for! – Would you be a friend? I’d do it. – [Kressh] Could I put like, something between it? Like can I put my hand up? – Nope! It has to be contact. – [Kressh] Like, the saliva has to transfer over?! – [Dom] No, you could wipe all the saliva. You could have chappy ass dry lips
and still kiss someone. *Dom smacks lips* Mwah. – [Jomm] Don’t worry, Kressh. Even if you didn’t want to, we’d all hold you down. – [Kressh] How would you catch me if I could run. – [Dom, laughing] That’s true. See, that’s the thing. Now we’re gonna tell people about your power. And now you’re gonna live the rest of your life trying to avoid people kissing you. Dude, just kiss us!
(Jomm laughs) – [Kressh] I can’t! – Come on, man. Come on. – I feel like– – Be a homie – No! – [Dom] Honestly I could go into your bedroom while you’re sleeping and just take it. – [Kressh] Eww!
(laughter) – [Dom] Would you rather– Would you be okay if you were unconscious? – Yeah, okay. I think if I’m unconscious and you did it– – Oh my god, this is borderline, like. That’s sexual harassment. – [Dom] No! I’m asking for his consent to kiss him when he’s unconscious! – [Kressh] It’s like, “Alright, when you fall asleep I’ll do it.” – [Jomm] Can you kiss me goodnight? – [Kressh] And like, he’ll check to see that I’m in REM. And then he’s like, “Aight he won’t wake up.” (laughter) And then he does it — I’m okay with that. I just don’t want to consciously know that I did it. – [Dom] And then I just stay there until you wake up?
– [Kressh] (laughing) Eww! – [Dom] The more I kiss you, the more speed I get! – [Jomm] The faster you get! – You have to be super careful with who you kiss, cuz it’s like. Let’s say you date someone and you’ve only been with them for like, a couple of months. Now they have super speed, like. (laughs) – [Dom] They’re like, “why won’t you kiss me?” It’s like, “Ooh, I don’t think you’re ready for this.” What’s your price? What’s your price?
– I don’t know if I– I don’t know. One– uh, one– – What part of my body are you okay with kissing? – Anything that’s like, not… On your face– I don’t know! – Not my face?! – [Kressh] Your wrist, or your hand.
I’ll do the chivalry, like. – [Dom] Mm. Kiss my feet. – [Kressh] And gotta suck your toes? (laughs) – I didn’t go that far. I offered my lips, – I think… I think I’ll be– Nah, I’m not saying that on recording. – No! No. You started the sentence. – Okay. The way I see it, I would rather… Do the toe, than do someone’s lips.
(Dom gasps) Because you could just wash the feet with soap, And I’m like, oh its– (Dom gasps) – [Jomm] Really?! – It’s clean! It’s clean!
– [Dom] I just, what?! It ain’t intimate. It’s not intimate.
– Intimate?! – Sucking someone’s toes’ not intimate?! – [Dom] You really gotta be secretive about it. Cuz once the government finds out, they’re gonna… Kidnap you and… Make you a…tool for… – How they gonna kidnap me when they can’t catch me? Problem solved. – [Jomm] You’re only the speed of a car, okay? People still have cars. – You just want me to kiss somebody? It’s not even about the speed? – Who’s your idol? (all snicker) Who is your…
– Who’s my idol? Uhh, Lisa from BLACKPINK. There you go. Sorry about giving her the speed, I just wanna kiss her. (laughter) – [Dom] Then you curse her. She’s like, “I didn’t wanna be this fast! What the f-” – [Kressh] Now she hates me. Forever. Yeah, I guess I’d have to ask if it’s okay, I really wanna kiss you but. You know, I’m gonna give you super speed. – [Dom] “Yes, I think I’m ready.” (laughs) – Alright. Y’know what? If you buy me a Fanatec Podium Direct Drive Wheel– – [Dom] How much?
– [Kressh] I’ll do it. I think it’s a little over a thousand? – Yeah. – Yeah. I’d do it. – That’s it?!
– Yeah. – Your price is a thousand dollars?! – Yeah! For close friends and family! Like. Friends & family discount.
– That’s the friend discount. – [Kressh] Yeah, like. We cool. Like.
– [Dom] What’s your retail price? I could imagine you just open a store and it’s just you– – [Kressh] And it’s just me sitting there.
– [Dom] At a reception desk. – [Kressh] It’s a kissing booth. – [Jomm] Last Hypothetical, it was “eat me,” This one is “kiss me.” (laughter) – [Dom] (clears throat) So, verdict? Would you be a homie? – [Kressh] Yeah, I’d be a homie. – [Jomm] I’m just gonna be animated in the back, Like eating popcorn, holding it, in a chair, And just watching Dom trying to hook up with Kressh. Because that’s what the last 30 minutes were.
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– [Dom] We’ll add our own spice to it. (laughing) I’m just gonna add this kissing spice to every– – [Jomm] Every single one is gonna turn into some kind of makeout session. – [Dom] Yeah, or something. Uh… Ok. You guys wanna play Smash now?

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